Playing with my G.I. Joes

Before all of the ice and snow melts, I decided to use the scenery for a few shots of my G.I. Joe figures.  If my neighbors saw me, they probably think I’m crazy!  But I had fun, so I don’t care.  I got a package from my nephew Joe last weekend, I’ll share what he sent me in a couple of days.  But for now, enjoy a few photos of G.I. Joe playtime!

6 Responses to “Playing with my G.I. Joes”

  1. Ha Ha 😀 I can just imagine your neighbors looking out the window at ya! Cool!

  2. Jboypacman Says:

    I love those older style Joes i need to pick some up sometime in the future as i only own one currently. I would like to get a hold of one of the original doll size Joes too i had one of those when i was very young(Yes am showing my age lol).

    I still want to work a trade sometime with you too Jason but i can’t do any trades for the next month or so but once i get things settled around here maybe we can work out something. : )

  3. Ha ha great shots, I used to have one of those Sci-Fi Joes back in the day. I think they are getting ready to update him with the newer style body as well. Though the old school Joes are a lot more sturdy and fun in the snow!

  4. add me @ Jay its rob, you dont have to post this. if you can.

  5. Awesome Jason, just missing a Snow Job with his Skidoo! There is a local comic book shop in my city that does dioramas in the front window with those old school GI Joes, they really get creative! Fun stuff man.

  6. Nice!

    I recognize Cobra Commander and Sci Fi, but I don’t know the other two figures.

    I take it from the way that you have positioned them that Cobra Commander is taking on the other three in some sort of deathmatch? Cool.

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