Random Quickie #1 – Bowen Designs Mini-Bust : Apocalypse

I wanted to have this post up on Friday, but I have been fighting a bad cold for the past couple of days.  For the first post in this ongoing series, I decided to go with something that is not a toy, but a work of art.

I bought this mini-bust at Midtown Comics sometime in 2000 or 2001.  I used to visit Midtown Comics every week to get my comic fix.  Well, one day I went in and checked out all the mini-busts and statues that they had in a glass case.  Apocalypse, being my all time favorite villain, caught my eye quite quickly.  Not being one to spend a large amount of money on a single item, I perused the rest of the store, to give me some time to think it over.  A short time later, I approached the counter with a few comics, and was asked, “Can I help you with anything else?”.  I replied with something like, “Yes.  I would like one of those mini-busts in the case over here.”.  Ten or so years later, I still think the $55.00 I spent on it was well worth it.

And for those wondering, this is numbered 1993 of 5000.

7 Responses to “Random Quickie #1 – Bowen Designs Mini-Bust : Apocalypse”

  1. Definitely worth the $55! I’m eyeballing a Spiderman bust at Islands of Adventure that costs a little more (I think $80ish). I just keep getting sucked into Harry Potter World and emptying my wallet on candy and wands.

  2. Jboypacman Says:

    For $55 i would say a good deal. : )

    • Yeah, it’s lasted this long and still looks good. I don’t see myself getting more. As you can see, this is my only one, and I got it around 10 or more years ago.

  3. Not bad. I’ve never been much of a bust or mini-bust kind of guy, but you can’t go wrong with Bowen. Of course, if I were to ever get something like that, as with everything, I’m sure it would be Batman related.

    • If I had went for a hero, it would’ve been either the Batman or Punisher statues they had. The only problem was that statues run for quite a bit more than mini-busts. And for those 2 characters, you need to have the full body and not just the bust. Apocalypse looks menacing in any form! 🙂

  4. I’m going back this weekend, so it’s possible. But I’m leaning towards waiting for the huge convention (aptly named MegaCon) in March to see what’s there.

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