Toy collecting goals 2011

So, there are a bunch of other blogs that are listing their toy collecting achievements(this year) and goals(for next year).  And I figured I’d throw in my hat.

I can’t really say I had any achievements this year, because I didn’t really have any goals.  If I saw something at a yard sale or garage sale, or on the pegs for that matter, I bought it(within my price range).  There are tons of toys I would love to add to my collection.  There are plenty of lines, where I wouldn’t mind having the entire line.  But I am going to be reasonable and only list the ones at the top of my ever growing list.  So, let’s get to it.

TMNT(original)- Storage Shell Donatello, Slash, Invisible Man Mike, Bebop, Krang(with walker or android body or loose), and a Foot Soldier.

Rock Lords- Slimestone and Marbles.

G.I. Joe(80’s)- Shockwave(V1), Low Light, Tunnel Rat(V1), Cobra Officer, Techno-Viper, B.A.T. and Crimson Guard.

Food Fighters- Burgerdier General and Mean Weener.

Battle Beasts- Delta Chameleon, Sawtooth Shark, Killer Carp, Cutthroat Cuttlefish, Tarsier Tyrant and Leapin’ Lizard.

Thundercats- S-S-Slithe, Snowman of Hook Mountain and Lion-O.

Star Wars- Jawa(any).

Super Naturals- Mr. Lucky(ghostling).

DC Super Powers- Batman.

Transformers(G1)- Soundwave, Cosmos and Motormaster.

MOTU(80’s)- Skeletor, Mantenna, Moss Man, Modulok, Thunder Punch He-Man and Stinkor.

Okkkaaayy.  Now I think I better stop there.  The bar is set high enough.  Now, there are lots of other items I would love to add to the list, but it will be a challenge to get half of this list next year.  Like I said, these are the figures at the top of my want list.  I’m sure if I look in the right places, I should have no problem.  The problem will be getting them for a fair price.  Wish me luck.  And I hope we all achieve our collecting goals in the upcoming year.  And good luck to all of you who are participating in this.

It feels wrong to do a post without posting a picture or two, so here you go!

11 Responses to “Toy collecting goals 2011”

  1. A very respectable list there, a lot of nice things that will be a challenge and reward to get. I will be interested to see most of these on your blog. Also the parting pictures, very nice. New display?

    • The parting pictures are newer pictures of “The Vault”. When my wife came up with the idea to do a shelving display, most of my loose figures went on the bookshelf. She then, took it upon herself to re-organize a few things and that’s what you see. Most of the stuff hanging on the walls was there before the new display came to town, so she didn’t fiddle with any of those. Some of the MOC stuff you see, she did put up for me. As you can see, there is other stuff that doesn’t fit into the action figure category, but still needed a proper display. My living room closet is my vault, and hers is cleaning stuff, important papers and stationary. Thanks for the input. If you have any helpful tips for this endeavor, please let me know.

  2. A worthy list, but no M.A.S.K.? Should be a fun journey. I can’t wait to follow your progress in 2011.

    • There are a few M.A.S.K. toys on my complete list(well, still growing), but not at the top. Brad Turner aka Condor would be the first I would want followed by Jackhammer.

  3. jboypacman Says:

    Great list Jason and i hope you will be able to get all of the toys off of it buddy. And like you i had to stop my list short or i could just go on and on lol. Merry Christmas and am glad your back. : )

  4. Good list- my best to you, and good luck. I like the “Vault” idea with the hallway closet1

  5. Those are some good goals- good luck on your success
    I like the hallway closet “vault” idea

    • Thanks SDTB! I see you posted an almost the same comment twice. You’ll have no problems commenting from now on. I keep the block on to prevent getting spam and it works like a charm. But I approved you, so no worries. I would say Soundwave is going to be a pain in the ass to find at a fair price. These days, anything bearing the Transformers namesake, commands a high price on Ebay or internet stores. And the re-release has already been done and I missed out, so I’ll just have to check out Ebay regularly and keep some money in my Paypal account just to be safe.

      • Those prices may cool out after awile. so keep an eye peeled- i recently landed :the holy grail” price-wise on a 1:6 Batman & Superman that usually get $100 to $200 (got them for $60.00 & $40.00, respectively- never thought I’d see that). Miracle do happen occasionally- Ha!
        Have a Merry One!

  6. […] said that he recently cleaned out some closets, and found a few items(that I could cross off on my 2011 collecting checklist), that he would send to me if I provided a mailing address.  I was not expecting […]

  7. joe lillard Says:

    there’s a store here that has one of those spider man figures from the first movie, the coolest one {jojo had about8 different spideys} that even his fingers and toes articulate; anyways, he’s a special store display model that’s about a foot and a half tall. hey, i had a few beast wars transformers, remember? i loved that show; even the theme rocked. dragonball-z is back on tv too, but i can’t find any merchandise. jojo’s dying for a super sayan goku, and a frieza.

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