Totally Turtle-Tastic Friday!

What a perfect end of the week!

I arrived home Friday to hear the news that a couple of pieces of mail had come for me.  I ask if they are packages, and was told “One is a package, and the other one is in an envelope.  This is the type of mail that I get exited about.  What could these be?!

To start things off, last week, The Surfing Pizza had/ran a TMNT give away.  The prizes were TMNT Tabulators, that were featured as items(as well as TMNT towels, visors and other junk), that you could send a way for in the Pizza Points catalog.  Back in the day, I never did send away for anything in that catalog.  He had a few extra Totally Tubular Tabulators(brand new, never used), that were prizes in this give away.  I was one of the winners!!!!

This is the envelope(holder), that the Totally Tubular Tabulator came in.  It’s weird because, it shows the Turtles in their cartoon style, but they’re all wearing red like in the old school comics(which is pretty sweet).  It is copyrighted 1990.  Now for being 21 years old, it looks like it would’ve back in 1990(brand new).

Here we are, all opened up.

On the inside of the envelope there are directions for how to use your Totally Tubular Tabulator.  Also included is a “protective” case emblazoned with the same graphic that is on the envelope.  And because this is a solar powered Tabulator, it worked immediately.

The other package was from Brian over at Cool and Collected.  I started checking out his site sometime last summer, and I had recently commented on one of his posts.  I received an e-mail from Brian and he said that he clicked on my url, and saw that I was a fellow toy collector.  He said that he recently cleaned out some closets, and found a few items(that I could cross off on my 2011 collecting checklist), that he would send to me if I provided a mailing address.  I was not expecting this.

Let’s open it up and see what’s inside!  If you couldn’t tell from this post’s title, this is another TMNT related package.

First up is a Foot Soldier.  Now I would think that these guys would be easy to find in the wild, but believe it or not, I never have.  This guy is a must for any TMNT collector.

Next we have Bebop.  Now my Rocksteady has his partner in crime, to help fight the “toitles”.

Storage Shell Donatello!  Donatello is my favorite Turtle, and this figure is one of the first one’s on my “to get” list.  I just love the gimmick!

Now, while I love all of these figures…I saved my favorite of the bunch for last.

Slash!  No.  Not the Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver guitarist!  This is one of the most bad-ass looking TMNT figures in the original line.  He also happened to be one of my favorite action figures when I was a kid.  In the last animated series(TMNT-Fast Forward), there were evil versions(strong and dumb) of the Turtles.  It is my belief that those guys were modeled after ‘ol Slashy boy.

I want to again thank Shel over at The Surfing Pizza and Brian over at Cool and Collected for totally making my weekend.  Keep up the good work guys!  And if you haven’t checked out either of their sites, click on the links in this post or the ones to your right. 

4 Responses to “Totally Turtle-Tastic Friday!”

  1. Looks like you made out pretty good! Don’t ya love winning stuff? 😀

  2. Definitely an awesome score! I think Bebop has to be one of my favorite characters from the cartoon series, hands down. Yeah, he was kinda… well, dumb, but how could you not love a warthog with a purple mohawk and tortoise shell shoulder pads? 🙂

  3. Jboypacman Says:

    Awesome Jason! Congrats buddy. : )

  4. I know my brother has tons of these from back in the day. I’ll have to sift through the attic and see what’s still there.

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