First Finds of the New Year

I have had a pretty good start for finds this year!

And I actually went a different route than I normally do when it comes to acquire things for my collections.

…Pawn shops!

I know this sounds like such a given, but you have to understand that pawn shops aren’t exactly abundant. In a nearby area to me, there are two of them. I’ve been to this area more times than I can count, but I always had an agenda of where I wanted/needed to go. I first spotted them a few months ago after a little driving around. This past weekend, I decided to checkout what they had.

Here’s the what the first one yielded.


I never had the pleasure(or displeasure), of playing either of these games before.  8 Eyes is basically a Castlevania clone, and Daydreamin’ Davey is decent from what I gleaned from the 5 minutes I tried it.  The gut at the shop wanted $5each.  He heard me groan, and said that $3 each was the best he could do.  I countered with 2 for $5, and he gladly accepted.  These are games I have not seen in the wild before, so they make for pretty good additions to the NES collection.


These 5 games, as well as what we’ll see next, are from the second of the 2 shops I checked out.

The store was having a 4 for $10 sale on all games not on a current console.  These 5 were the ones that caught my eye(although there were a few others that I need).  Mendel Palace is probably the most uncommon of the lot.  It’s a puzzle-like game that annoyed me when I tried it out.  Nothing super-rare, but nice additions nonetheless.

But the following is, perhaps, the best deal I found that day.


Any NES or SNES games complete in the box for $2.50 will get me every time.  There were a few other CIB games for these systems, but they were “otherwise marked”, so they didn’t apply to the deal.  Gyruss is missing the manual, but it’s the only one of the lot that I already have.  And on top of that, the copy I already had included the manual, which means I now have a complete copy.  The Super Nintendo games are not sought after, but again, I will buy CIB games for $2.50 a pop every day of the week.  $25 well spent!!

9 Responses to “First Finds of the New Year”

  1. Excellent grabs Jason! I like 8Eyes,Solstice,Gyruss for sure they are pretty great games. That Super Pitfall was a letdown for me when i played it back in the day.

  2. Awesome score! I quite like 8 Eyes, but then again, Castlevania is one of my favorite NES games ever. (Which is why I named my cat Simon Belmont.)

    • First off, naming your cat Simon Belmont is friggin’ awesome!! And I know you know your NES, so I’m sure that 8 Eyes is one of the better ones. I know my NES games, but I trust your judgement when it comes to games I haven’t played.

  3. I actually liked Mousecapade & Strider! Gyruss was always fun until you got over how many waves to Uranus and the less I talk about Super Pitfall, the better.

    • Mickey Mousecapade is one of those games that I started to appreciate more, well after the first time I played it. I always seemed to have a love/hate relationship with this game back in the day. It was Capcom, and it was Disney(a great combo, as was proven throughout the life of the NES), but for how childish I thought it was, it was quite the challenge.

  4. Very nice haul! I’ve been in a video game kick myself here lately. You got yourself some great deals, especially on that boxed Gyruss!

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