So Long, Nintendo Power.


Nintendo Power has released it’s final issue.

Even though I have hardly kept up with the publication for many years(due to my lack of being into systems when they’re current; with the exceptions of the NES & SNES), it’s sad to see them go.  This was the go to place for(Nintendo) video games in the years before the internet.

I have been a Nintendo loyalist since the NES arrived in my house.  As time went on, Nintendo was everywhere you looked.  In short, they were a big part of my childhood.  I remember when the first issue arrived in the mail.  I read that issue(as well as subsequent issues), from front to back countless times.

It was always a thrill to try the latest tips and tricks, and was always something to look forward to every 2 months(back in the early days).


Included with the final issue is a poster of every single issue of Nintendo Power.  I’m actually thinking about getting it framed.

Nintendo Power December 2012

The cover is a great throwback to the first issue, and is a fitting choice for the final.

This isn’t a review(if I did review it, it would be insanely long).  I just wanted to pay my respects to the only gaming magazine I really cared for.

But I will show a few pages to entice you to buy your own copy(or borrow it from one of your friends 😉 ).

Nintendo Power December 2012 Page10

Nintendo Power December 2012 Page19

Nintendo Power December 2012 Page 31

Nintendo Power December 2012 Page 37

Nintendo Power December 2012 Page 69

So much good stuff!

Nintendo Power December 2012 Page 96

So long, old friend.

11 Responses to “So Long, Nintendo Power.”

  1. Well in this day in age it seems there really is no need for magazines like Nintendo Power or Game Pro i hate to say and this is coming from a guy that works in printing. So long NP i shall keep my memories of the joy you gave me in my old NES days.

  2. I really need to pick up this copy off the newstand…

  3. Yeah I prefer a magazine too. On most things. I keep some around just in case the power goes out.

  4. It is sad when something that was there for years simply comes to an end. This entry made me remember my collection of old Discovery Magazines en español, and how, in 2004, they decided not to sell them anymore in Perú

  5. *sigh*
    I’m young and just recently found this…. only got to read it for about a year before it mentioned it was dissapearing. Now I have to take my business to EGM (ACK!), which has way more age innapropriate stuff in it.

    I checked through your blog and liked the posts, would you like to link to each others blogs? We do different things in the same genre, I do card reviews for MTG mostly.

    But thank you for writing this… nice to see the other commenters noticed how sad this was too.

    • Well, it’s nice to see that some of the next generation appreciates old-school gaming.

      I wouldn’t mind putting a link for your blog on my card blog(it would be a better fit there), just let me know.

      • That would be great!
        I already have your blog linked on mine, if you want I could change the link to your card blog, or do both.
        And thank you, the link in your card blog would be nice!

      • A link to both blogs would be great! I just added your link to my card blog. I didn’t see any “about” on your page, so I couldn’t put any info when you hover over the link.

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