Everybody’s Working For the Weekend(even this guy[me])

That means that I had a nice weekend.

On Friday night I went with my wife and a bunch of friends(8, to be exact[10 people total]), to see these guys.

If you have never heard of these guys, I recommend that you give them a listen.  They are unique, but they’re not for everyone(I for one, have been listening to them since 1999).  Morningwood and Lunic were the 2 bands that opened for them.  They were decent sounding, but I can’t tell you too much about their performances, as I was at the bar(that was located within the venue), having a few beers before MSI came on.  They put on another great performance, and it was an overall great night…except for one thing.  While on our way through the parking lot, one of the bouncer’s(he was a douchebag), had some choice words to some people in my group(my wife included).  I had some words exchaged with him, and he ended up sucker-punching me.  His hit did nothing to me, and he picked up a piece of wood(?), and threatened to kill me.  Other bouncers came over to resolve the situation and told me to leave or they would call the police(nothing would have happened to the guy, and it would’ve been a big waste of my time).  We kind of made fun of it since then, and it didn’t tarnish the weekend’s appealability(that’s a real word!).

What you see above is what I acquired this weekend!

I plan on doing a review tomorrow.  So…if there is something specific in the in the above photo(even if it’s the NES game, the Adventure Island manual or the hockey cards), that you would like to see reviewed(soon…like, tomorrow..that’s when I plan on posting again), just leave your suggestion in the comments.  I might just write about it!

But before we go, I thought that this was pretty cool.

The index card says…

“Jump into the first pit of quicksand in world 8-2 and sink into a shortcut”

I found this tucked into the Adventure Island instruction manual after I bought it, while we were in the car leaving the store.

I could just imagine that some kid got this hot tip and wrote it down(I’m hoping back when it was released), and put it in the game’s manual, so he never forgot it.

I don’t even know if this hot tip even pertains to this particular game(I’ve only made it world 6, and I even had this one back in the day[it’s in my current collection, and it’s one of my favorites]), but I’m going to make it a point to find out soon.

7 Responses to “Everybody’s Working For the Weekend(even this guy[me])”

  1. I think i have heard one song from this band in a video someone made featuring Pokemon and it was pretty freaking funny to watch..

    Great pick ups ! I love me some Adventure Island too. Am guessing you had the game already?

    • If it’s the video I’m thinking of, that would most definitely be them. Somebody put clips from Pokemon to go along with their song “Bitches”. Whoever made it did a good job, as it syncs pretty well with the music.

      You’re absolutely correct! Anytime I find a game I already have, with the instruction manual(that I don’t have already), I always ask if I can just purchase the manual, and the seller/store usually agrees.

  2. Great haul.I’ve been thinking about picking up an old gen system like a genesis or snes but some of the better games on those systems are a so expensive.

  3. You seriously have a working NES still? Also, I want one of those damn ThunderCats toys so bad.

    • Yes. They aren’t hard to come by, and I have over 200 games for it as well. I’m an NES collector, and a Nintendo fanboy. I also have a few other systems(Atari 2600 jr., SNES, Wii, Gamecube, Game Boy, N64, Genesis and a PS2) I loves me some old school vidja games! 🙂

  4. Adventure Island for the famicom! Totally sweet man!!

    • Not really. That is actually the manual for Adventure Island for the NES. I do not have a Famicom(yet), and I have never seen a Famicom game locally.

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