Are you ready?

Well, I know I am.  While I do have band practice today, I will try to give you guys of a post of a cool Halloween item.  I don’t think every post from now until then will be about Halloween, but I will try to have a handful of those type of spooky posts.  They will not be epic, but they will definitely be fun.  I expect the ghoulish activities to start around 9:00PM.  See ya then!!  Mwahahahahahaha!!!

4 Responses to “Are you ready?”

  1. That’s a sweet jack-o-lantern. I can never carve anything good.

  2. I didn’t carve that. Got it off Google. I can carve pretty decent though.

  3. You should’ve taken credit for that jack-o-lantern! I spent 4 days last week Atlanta to cover Dragon*Con. You would have been in heaven browsing the dealer room. One dealer had pretty much every vintage NES and SNES game you could ever want (but no Virtual Boy dammit). Another dealer’s booth was completely dedicated to the art of RAK.

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