First off.  Happy Labor Day everyone!

One of the things I loved doing for a good portion of my life, was reading the comics in the daily newspaper(Sundays were the best.  They were in color).  For more than 3 years now, I have not read any daily newspapers.  Now, everyone has their favorites.  A few of my favorites include, The Far Side, The Wizard of Id, One Big Happy, Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot and  Herman.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of reading Herman…Herman was a comic strip in the same vein as Gary Larson’s “The Far Side”, and Wiley Miller’s “Non Sequitur”.  The comics say everything in one panel, and range from stupidly funny to some dry ones that make you scratch your head.  So, I was on my way to the grocery store to return some recyclables, and there happened to be a lawn sale on the way to the aforementioned grocery store.  Of course I stopped!  There was a lot of antique looking stuff, some junk, a pay phone and some books.  A stack of about six or seven were collected books of Herman.  I was low on cash and knew I’d have to at least score one.  I asked the man in charge, and he said “a buck a piece”.  Here’s the one I was able to aquire.

 I never realized how old this comic is.  Inside of the book, it says, “First Printing 1979” “Twenty-fifth Printing 1986”.  The man in the frame that Herman is holding, is Jim Unger.  Jim Unger is the creator/cartoonist of Herman.  I’m pretty sure I started reading it beacause of Unger’s unique style.  Generally, if the artwork is a bit weird, I’m gonna love it.  Here’s a sampling of this volume’s contents.

My favorite one on this particular page, is the one where the Herman is turning into a monkey beacause of an all banana diet.  Like I said, stupidly funny to dry.  This one gets a strong reccomendation from me.

2 Responses to “Herman”

  1. Hey Jason, sure, let’s trade links.

    What does that mean though? Adding each other’s blogs to the blog links on our blogs?

    I think I just figured it out.

    OK, let’s do that!

  2. the MUSCLE dolls with the UN IDENTIFIED doll…. I know what the UNIDENTIFIED DOLL IS! Her name is ( SHE RAH! ) She is a member of the HE-MAN Masters Of the Universe Doll Collection in the early 80s!

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