Quick question

This is a question to anyone who visits this blog.

Are you guys diggin’ the content?  I see that I get visitors everyday, yet no one has left a comment since Feeding the Hun-grr.  If you guys have suggestions to stuff you would like to read about(that I have knowlegde of), please let me know.

Big thanks to everyone who visits.  I hit over 1,000 views Friday.

12 Responses to “Quick question”

  1. I think the content is good. You’re obviously writing about things that you feel like writing about, and that’s the whole point of having a blog. As for me, I liked the Halloween stuff from a few weeks ago. It’s very hot where I live right now, so I’ve been on a bit of a Halloween kick. ‘Sort of a “Christmas in July” kind of thing. You should obviously write about stuff that interests you, but if you want to generate more interest, you should try to think of something that no one else is writing about. A lot of us are from the “X-E/I-Mockery” crowd, and while most of the bloggers I’ve encountered on those sites are pretty good, there’s a risk of some subjects being oversaturated. Think of something specific, that you remember or like strongly, and may not be getting a lot of attention elsewhere. Anyway, I hope this is helpful. And thanks for adding my blog to your roll!

    • Thanks, dude! I needed a pick me up. I will try to write about other stuff. In my mind I didn’t think alot of other people wrote about vacationing in Cicinnati, I mean, who does that(other than me)?

    • Steffanio Says:

      I have been on the site for 20 seconds and am already commenting how much I love the crash test dummies picture! haha

      Yes – I think I will like the site! haha 🙂

  2. Content’s great! Keep it up. Just found your blog from Surfing Pizza last week and read the flea market post.

  3. Just keep doing what you’re doing. The fanbase (like all of us fellow X-Ers) will follow and be loyal and eventually leave comments. I had this thought several times, but I found that it’s quite rare for any blog to have more than 3 comments.

  4. Thanks Norb!

  5. dohopoki Says:


  6. Yes it is hurting at times when we do not get any feed back. I understand your feelings as I am also in the same shoes. Good Luck!

    • Nina, you are correct. I just want to make sure that I am posting things readers will actually read. I don’t want this to be a journal, or else I would have gotten a journal. Thank you for the support! 🙂

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