Amazing Auction Score!

Yesterday my friend Dean and I went to an auction he was alerted to a few days earlier.  He was told that there would be items of interest at said auction(toys).  He told me about it on Saturday, and I immediately agreed to go.

The TMNT Sewer Playset went with Dean, as that was the highlight of the whole auction for him.  It’s missing 3 small pieces, which I do not think will be too much trouble to find second-hand.  And the real kicker??  The playset(which looked great when it was assembled correctly, and we snapped a few things in place), which also included the Party Wagon, the G.I. Joe vehicle, the TMNT Foot skier(not sure of the exact name at the moment), as well as other odds and ends was sold to us at the final price of $25!!!  Most of the other stuff in the photo below(click on it to see everything bigger) came in a huge action figure lot, and a small Game Boy lot.


We divvied up the loot, and both sides are happy.  There were some things that I would have liked to have, but there was so much, that I just don’t have the room for everything I want for the collection, so I had to temporarily pass on them.  My pile is to the left, and it includes the Party Wagon.  Expect to see what’s in the pile in the comings weeks(lots of stuff).  Some great additions, and definitely a few surprises.

15 Responses to “Amazing Auction Score!”

  1. Oh man too nice Jason and am jealous too about the Tiger Force, Masters Knock-Off and Rambo! Congrats buddy. : )

    • Thanks Jboy! You know, I may be willing to work out a trade for those. I am a bit attached to the Tiger Force boat is one of the Tiger Force vehicles I had as a kid(I also had the jet with the wing engines that rotated). Let me know if want to work something out.

      • Sure sounds great am always up for trade so lets figure something out.

      • I don’t think I’d mind trading the Rambo figure. But I’m going to look into the MOTU knock-off, to see what it actually is. I may actually be interested in trading the Tiger Force vehicle as well, since I don’t have the room for vehicles really. I’m still on the fence about it(I could always put it into storage). But shoot me an e-mail, and let me know what you have to trade on your end.

      • I will go through my trade stash tonight and send some pictures over to you what o have and if you would be interested. Really would love that Tiger Force boat and Joe figures. Rambo would be cool as well as that Masters Knock Off but you let me on all of these Jason because I understand on keeping those wonderful treasures.

      • The Joes likely will be staying with me, as they are older ones. I don’t collect any of the newer style Joes. The Destro looks like his cape may be damaged, but I really like the other 2. I’ll take a look at what you send, and we’ll go from there. I won’t get my next paycheck until next week, so, if we do make a deal, I won’t be able to send out a package until that time, at the earliest.

      • No worries Jason lets see if we can work a deal first and go from there. : )

  2. I SEE LOCK-LIPS and WITTERQUICK!!! Two awesome scores right there!!!

    • Honestly, if you’re looking to sell or trade for those two figures, let me know. I know probably not… but I need to put it out there.

      • Witterquick replaced the one in my collection(he was missing a thumb, and didn’t have his helmet), my buddy Dean ended up with my old one. Lock-Lips, I’m not too sure about. I’ve never come across any of the Madball figures in the wild, and I see that they go for some good bank on Ebay. I may have to think about that. But it would also depend on what you offer.

  3. Grats! Looks like you got a lot of great stuff for a good price.

    • Thanks! And we got awesome stuff at great prices! There is another auction in 3 weeks that’s said to have even more toys like this!

  4. Love to see folks score like this! (Well, I prefer it when I score like this, but still…)

  5. Sent you a “Gmail” with pictures of my trade stuff Jason. : )

  6. Sick haul Jason!It had to be be a blast sorting through all of that stuff.Good times 😉

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