Cincinnati Vacation Part 2 chapter 2

After our adventure at Trader’s World, we headed down the road and went to Treasure Aisles.  Now, this is the place I remember going to!  From what I heard, this place used to be called Turtles Cove, or something like that.  I heard that part of it burned down.  When I first came here, back in 1996 or so, I remember buying a white Zombie cassette.  This was the place I specifically wanted to come to.

Almost immediately after walking the door, I noticed a photo op!

Already promising!  Now basically, I was on the hunt for NES/SNES games, 80’s toys, great deals and weird shit in general.  So, the first place I noticed happened to be a video game stall/store.  I headed straight to the NES section, looking for a bargain.  I noticed a few boxed games and inquired about two of them.  Only one of them ended up coming back to NY.  …And here it is!

The guy said that he would part with it for 8 dollars.  I reached into my pocket and had 7 bucks, he took it.  The cartridge and sleeve are legit, but I’m not sure about the box.  Sure, the little piece of styrofoam is in the box, but some of the print on the box seems a little blurry, but looks like the ones I’ve seen online.  Shit, for 7 bucks, I hardly got ripped off!

There were a lot of dealers selling 80’s toys.  The only problem with this was that, they were selling gallon size Ziploc bags of toys for $15+, or really overpricing single items.  So in order to find the best deals, you have to browse a bit.  If you see an item you like, and you think the price is fair, go for it!  I tend to buy something the second I see it.  This next find is no exception.  I immediately saw it, and thought that the price tag of 2 bucks was fair.

Considering how old this is, Rocksteady here, is in superb condition.  He even has his utility belt.  As I one of my favorite TMNT bad guys, he was a must.  The same vendor had the Rocksteady that was a super hero(Super Rocksteady?).  But I decided against that purchase, as that figure looked like it has seen some extensive play.

Moving right along.  Our next finds came from a stall that looked like yard sale.  There was stuff everywhere!  This lady was shilling plastic bags full of toys for 1 dollar.  I perused the bags, but could not find anything to jusify my dollar.  She had other items on shelves, and I inqired about the price.  She said “A dollar a piece.”  I went back and scanned the shelves.  A few things caught my eye, but I walked up to the lady and asked if she would take $1.50 for two.  She said “yes, would you like a bag?”  No thanks, I already have one.

On the left we have Spychanger Jazz, on the right we have a 1982 LJN E.T. action figure with extending neck feature.  I believe the E.T. figure originally came with a little Speak N’ Spell, but I doubt many of those survived due to their size.

As we wandered through, we ran across another game store!  But this one was different.  There were plenty of retro games available, but there was one reason why I stayed more than a few minutes.

Do you see it?

That’s right the Super Mario Bros. arcade cabinet.   I don’t think you can see what that little white rectangle says, so I’ll help you out.  It says”Yes, I work!”  The stage layouts for this are different from the NES edition.  I believe this came out after the NES version.  Now, I have played this before.  It was out in Oregon when I went there for my uncle Jimmy’s wedding.  That was around 1990.  It was alot of fun.

Before we left I had to hit the restroom.  They had some pretty sweet signs on a few of the bathrooms that kept the pirate theme.  Sadly, these were not on the doors of the restroom that I used.

On my way back from the restroom, I saw a guy with a table full of little toys he was selling for 1 dollar each.  A lot of fast food toys.  But mixed in with all of those, I found a companion for my recently aquired Spychanger Jazz.

Spychanger Optimus Prime.  These Spychangers are perfect for taking anywhere, as the fit in the palm of your hand.  If I was 10 years old, I’d probably have 2-3 of them on me during any given car ride.

So ends Part 2 of my Cicinnati Vacation.  I have 1 part left to go.  I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll stay quiet.




10 Responses to “Cincinnati Vacation Part 2 chapter 2”

  1. Nice haul! How much was the Super Mario arcade game? I’ve never seen it as a solo arcade cabinet. In the 80’s, I remember playing Super Mario Bros. on one of those arcade games where you could select from like 10 (or maybe 30?) NES games. The Super Mario game on that was a straight NES port if I remember right.

  2. I don’t believe it was for sale. I did pop in a quarter and played to like world 3-2. The game you are talking about was the Play Choice 10. On those, you could play any of the 10 games on there at anytime. I think 1 quarter gave you 3 minutes of play time, so you could exit games as you pleased. The thing about Play Choice 10 was, that not every one had the same games. I’m sure there were ones that did, but I’ve seen probably 30 different games(not in one cabinet obviously), in different Play Choice 10 cabinets. I actually played Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! on one a few years ago at a campsite not too far from where I live. I’m considering asking if it’s for sale.

  3. great finds. this place seems awesome.

  4. dohopoki Says:

    I did pop in a quarter and played to like world 3-2.

    You were you looking for Koopa Troopas on the steps of 3-1 and found 3 Goombas instead, didn’t you?

    • You are absolutely right, doho. I figured, since I could do it 9 out of 10 times on the NES, I would try it here to extend my playing time. As I approached and saw the goombas, I was like, SHIT!

      • I remember that issue! I was an old school Nintendo Fun Club subscriber and that issue of Nintendo Power came in free one day. Subscribed immediately! I gotta track that issue down (threw it away a long time ago)–would be fun to write about. Even with the maps, I never had the patience to play through the 2nd Quest. I still got time to correct this.

    • Never could get that trick to work. One of my great failures in life. That and beating Legend of Zelda the Second Quest.

      • The Legend of Zelda’s second quest is a bitch. Do yourself a favor, and pick up the very first issue of Nintendo Power. It gives you detailed maps of the dungeons on the second quest(only dungeons 1-6). They don’t give you maps for the last 3, but reading those old issues is a lot of fun!

  5. I saw a sit-down, two-player arcade version of Super Mario Bros. at a pizzeria. I don’t think it was a Playchoice-10, because I seem to remember that it was specifically labeled “Super Mario Bros.”

  6. I actually did an article on stuff I bought at Trader’s World in the nasty ‘Nati:

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