Yard sale finds #2

Today we have some cool items that I obtained going yard-saling yesterday.  This venture proved to be less successful than the last.  While I did not get as good a haul as I anticipated, I returned home happy nonetheless(is that correct?).  The items will be listed in the order of their coolness.  I figured that way to be best, because if I showed them in the order that I found them, this would end up being pretty anti-climactic.

So, let’s get down to business.

First up, let it be known that I am a big ice hockey fan.  Since I started watching hockey games at the age of ten or eleven, I have been a faithful follower of the New York Rangers.  Most of the time I go yard saling or garage saling, I’m not looking for hockey related merchandise.  But what I found came home with me because it is a similar to an item I once owned.

I believe these guys were called “Hockey Brats” or something.  This keychain is stamped 1986 and looks almost brand new.  We were perusing the streets a little after 4 pm, and a lot of people were done for the day, so we stumbled upon a few piles next to the curb, marked “free”.  My motto is, “If it’s free it’s for me!”.  I found this guy and a couple of paperback books absolutely free of charge.  I just think it’s funny that the Philadelphia Flyers(the team this guy plays for), lost in the Finals this year and he wound up in the trash.

Next up, we have something that I haven’t owned before.  This is hard to believe.

This is a Koopa Paratroopa from the 1989 McDonald’s Super Mario Bros. 3 happy meal promotion.  This guy is missing the bulb and tube that connects to his rear end to make him hop.  The Koopa Paratroopa is one of my all time favorite Nintendo characters.  He was found in a box of mixed crap.  I figured he probably cost about 25 cents, and when I asked the lady how much, she said, “You can keep it.”  So far we haven’t spent any money and we have something to show for it.

This next item is the most recent.  He comes to us from the 2002 McDonald’s promotion for Transformers Energon.  Ladies and gentlemen…Scorponok!

This guy actually transforms very well.  For a Happy Meal toy, this is surprisingly well made.  He was in a box of items going for 25 cents each.  I located his matching trading card in the same box and got both of them for the low, low price of one quarter.  Still haven’t even broke a dollar yet.

I saved the biggest and most expensive find for last.  I won’t say what it is, I’ll just show it to you.

That’s right people.  We have a 1986 Lazer Tag gun and target.  The gun is missing a cover for the light, but other than that, I see nothing wrong with it.  Both the gun and the target take a 9-volt battery to operate and I currently don’t have any to test it.  I believe the target might have been part of the vest that you would wear, as there’s a patch of velcro on the back of it.  This was the most expensive purchase of the day totaling fifty cents.

Ther you have it folks!  A pretty good day.  I only spent 75 cents.  And for those of you who wish to know the books I got…they were, Shutter Island, Go Ask Alice and a 1954 copy of Lord of the Flies.

Update 9/9/10: I misidentified the McDonald’s Transformer.  I mistakenly thought it was Scorponok (being that the card I found him with was a Scorponok card, and the color scheme was appropriate), when in fact it is Megatron(which is sadly missing the turret for his tank mode).

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