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Well, the readers have responded.  Well two readers responded.  Although Paul didn’t actually vote for the awesomeness, he did ask what it was, so I’ll take that as a second vote for the aforementioned awesomeness.

As you may know, I paid a visit to my younger brother a couple of weeks ago(remember? He sold me the two SNES games).  Anyway, I have some of my stuff stored at his place, and he asked me if I would mind taking some of back with me.  Of course I don’t remember everything I have there, and thought, well, yeah.  So we hauled out a suitcase I had there, and it was filled with CDs, toys and other random things.  As soon as I opened the suitcase, I was greeted by this guy.

That’s right.  Voltron:Defender of the Universe(when you read this, make sure your brain says it in that cool robotic voice from the show).  I’ll give you the story on how he originally came into my posession.

Growing up, I had always wanted Voltron, as it was was one of my favorite shows.  As you may have guessed, I never did get one.  Although, one Christmas, my little brother and I both got our very own remote controlled Voltrons.  By remote controlled, I mean the had a control box wired to the toy it self.  Using this box, you could control your Voltron’s movements.  Not to mention, this thing was enormous.  It’s been about 25 years, but if I remember correctly, this thing must have been about 2 and 1/2 feet tall.

Fast forward to 1998.  I was in White Plains NY with some friends, and we decided to hit up the local Toys R Us.  As we were strolling through the aisles, I look up and I see about three of these Voltrons up on a shelf about seven feet off the ground.  I immediately saw it and proceeded to knock down a bunch of other insignificant toys while grabbing the toy that eluded me oh so many years ago.  I looked at the price tag, and saw the price of $29.99.  Now, this was on pay day, so I said I’m not going to miss out a second time.  I believe this one is from a short lived cgi version of the show or some shit.  But I didn’t care, as it is a faithful representation of the classic toy I pined for.  When we got to the train station, I sat on the platform, and started putting this guy together.  I can’t tell you how much joy my 19 year old self felt doing this.  It came with a whole bunch of accesories, but all that is remaining is what you see in the photo.  Now, being that I never had the original, I don’t know if that version came with the pilots you see here.

From left to right we have, Lance, Princess Allura, Keith and Hunk.  Pidge was lost about 8 or 9 years ago.  All of the Lions have cockpits in which their pilots sit in.  As you’ll also notice, the head of Voltron on the black lion is missing his left horn.  He is also missing one of his wings as well as the firing missle on his back.  When I stored him, he was not missing any of these.  But I’m just happy to have him in my posession again.  You see, someone went into my brother’s previous home and stole my hockey gloves as well as my electric guitar.  I thought Voltron was also stolen.  My brother must have thrown him into the suitcase for safe keeping, knowing how much that toy meant to me.  And I’m glad he did.  Now you know the story of why I thought this awesomeness was long gone.

I also found something else in the suitcase that I had forgotten about.

To the naked eye this might appear to be a run of the mill New York Rangers hockey jersey.  I will let everyone know that I am a die hard Rangers fan.  But this is no ordinary jersey.  No siree!  If you look closely, you will see five or six autographs on there.  I obtained said autographs at a Rangers open practice at the Ice Casino at Rye Playland in Rye, New York, back in 1998.  While a lot of my favorite players managed to elude us fans after the practice, I managed to get a few from some of the lesser known players.  The ones I remember are as follows…Jeff Beukeboom(Boo-kuh-boom), Niklas Sundstrom and Mike Eastwood.The others may be Mike Keane and Bill Berg, but I can’t remember.

Well I hope you enjoyed my long lost awesomeness.  I know I did.  Oh, NHL pre season starts tomorrow.  The NJ Devils will be at Madison Square Garden facing off against the Rangers tomorrow night for some pre season action.  If you live in NY, the game will be on MSG at 7:00PM.  If you live outside of NY, check your local listings(I never thought I’d have the opportunity to say that).