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Posted in Toys, Transformers with tags , , , , , , , , on May 3, 2011 by Jason

So yesterday was my birthday.  But I treated myself to a few things on Sunday.  If there’s someone who knows exactly what to get you, it’s definitely yourself.

Here’s where we start.

On Sunday(after the MS walk), my wife’s parents treated me to a birthday meal.  On the way in, there were a few vending machines, with one that caught my eye.  There were your usual gumball and fake bling prizes, but I had my eye on one specific machine, and neither had to do with gum or jewelry.  They were stocked with things like this.  And I had to have one!

These ninjas were one of the best vending machine prizes when I was a kid.  It looks as though inflation catches up with everything though.  As this guy ran me 50 cents, instead of the usual quarter I was used to paying(and that was up until around 3 years ago).  Still, 50 cents is worth it for something I can display, rather than something I wouldn’t mind losing 5 minutes later.  And, I just want to point out that the capsule my ninja came in looks like the pod Elroy gets shipped off in during the intro to The Jetsons.

After we left the diner, my wife and I headed to the nearest Target.  Now, this was the day before my birthday, so I figured, if I saw anything I liked, I would consider it a birthday gift to myself.  Well, I saw a few things that I liked.  But I couldn’t go home with everything that caught my eye.  So, here’s what I decided on.

Finally!  I have had quite a hard time finding this thing!  Of course, it was the last one on the pegs at this specific Target.  But $1.09 was well worth it.  Now I have both of the Deloreans.But I was pining for the BTTF one, where I only wanted the regular one.  Very nice, very nice.

And there were a couple of different “Reveal the Shield” figures, and I took a shine to one of them.

It’s not one of the bigger names in the line, but I’ll take what I can get at this point!  This line is basically non-existant in my area, and this guy has one of the better looking robot modes.  I hope they keep this series going, as it’s been my recent favorite.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have my review of Fallback here, up tomorrow.

I did get some other gifts, they weren’t toys, but they were still just as awesome.