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Monster Merchandise

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Tonight’s post is brought to you by Monster Merchandise.

A few weeks back, Gavin from Monster Merchandise contacted me about promoting the brand here.  In return, I would receive a few complimentary t-shirts(an excellent deal in my opinion!).  The designs are horror and monster related, which is something I dig(as I’m sure some of you do as well).  There are some really nice designs, and I hope to see more in the future.

Here’s a couple of their selections.

I haven’t had a t-shirt with a pocket on the front since my freshman year of high school.  But I have never had a pocketed t-shirt that was this cool!  Take a closer look at that pocket.

Those are silhouettes of He-Man characters!  But that’s just the beginning!  The graphic on the back is what really attracted me to this shirt.

Frickin’ awesome!  No matter how much I always wanted the good guys to win, I always thought that the villains looked far cooler.  And you can’t get much cooler than Skeletor with shades on.

If I haven’t said it before(and if it’s not too obvious from the title of this blog), Friday the 13th is my favorite horror film franchise.  So the next shirt is an automatic win in my book.

This is a play on “Andre the Giant Has a Posse“, and it works well!  I only wish it was available in black.  I haven’t ever owned many white shirts, but that’s mostly because most white t-shirts don’t have designs that I like(from what I’ve seen).

The shirts are comfortable, and aren’t your run of the mill Fruit of the Looms.  These guys have more than just shirts though.  So please take a second, and give them a look.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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Today is the third and final Friday the 13th of 2012.  Might be worth watching one of the films tonight(as long as it’s not Part 9).

‘Tis the Season

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The Halloween season that is.

Like many of you out there, I am a huge fan of the Halloween season.  The movies, the candy, the costumes.  There are so many reasons to embrace the spooky season.  And the fall weather definitely helps with the ambiance.  With the exception of the last few days, it has been the perfect weather for the time that’s upon us.  So, we’ll take a look at a few things that tie into my most favorite holiday.

If you’re around my age, there should be no reason that you don’t know who this is.  This is Jason Voorhees from the end of the first Friday the 13th film.  This is the first glimpse we got to see of our favorite machete-wielding maniac.

This post card was sent to me courtesy of Shawn Robare from Branded in the Eighties.  Shawn is a Halloween fanatic, and he recently came across these horror post cards in an old Fangoria magazine.  As he has several times in the past, Shawn sent these to some of his readers(all you had to do was send an e-mail).

As Shawn states on the back, this would be (in comic terms), Jason’s first appearance.  Do magazines do stuff like this these days?  I think it’s awesome!  Here’s a funny story…

My wife thought this was a piece of mail depicting a child in some third world country.  I laughed my ass off when she asked me what the post card was, and even harder after she told me what she thought it was.  She has seen most of the movies(with me, of course), but she hasn’t seen them so many times that she would recognize this, so she gets a pass.  Thanks again, Shawn!

I also bought a Friday the 13th t-shirt this past Friday, at Wal-Mart of all places.  The reason I mention this is because, I found these right next to the register.

Yes!  I love it when I find shit that I’m not looking for!  Boo-Berry is my favorite of the monster cereals.  And this is coming from someone who ate his fair share of Fruity Yummy Mummy back in the eighties(it was good, but nothin’ special).  There were also Frankenberry ones, but they didn’t grab me the way these did.  Halloween has the greatest tie-ins ans seasonal products.

They’re pretty tasty to boot.  They’re sweet, but no overly sweet.  It’s hard to make it out in the picture, but there are a couple of Boo-Berry related graphics printed on the roll-up.  So they’re not just left over blue ones they had lying around(plus they taste closer to the cereal than the normal blue ones would).  For $2.50 you get 12 roll-ups, meaning they cost you less than 25 cents each.  And these are oh so worth it.

Movie Ticket Stubs and Ronald McDonald

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Going to the movies is a popular thing in America.  It’s something that almost everyone has in common.  The one difference is, the movies each individual chooses to see.  I always try to remember to save my stubs, as they bring back memories of the time.  So let’s take a look at some of the movies I went out to see in the last 12 years.

Some of these are good movies.  Others not so much.  The Episode 1 stub seems to be the most worn, but it’s not the oldest of the lot.  That distinction is held by The Other Sister.  I went to see that for the wrong reason, but I still enjoyed it.  I remember faking sickness to get out of work to go see Scream 3 with my friends(and specifically wanting to see the movie because I heard Jay and Silent Bob had a cameo in the movie).  It looks like I saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 2 days after it hit theaters.  I remember not liking Memento, Vanilla Sky, From Hell and The Others.  I haven’t seen any of those movies since they were in theaters, so my opinion may be different today.  A few other things of note: I saw the remake of Friday the 13th on it’s opening night, which was on a Friday the 13th.  And The Green Mile is the only movie I can remember going to that actually had an intermission half way through the movie.  I could probably recall at least one memory with each of these movies, but I don’t think I’m up to the task of that magnitude.

And Ronald McDonald

I got this signed by the the Ronald McDonald.  I think it was back in ’06.  The McDonald’s I used to work at, was having a grand re-opening, and Ronald was being flown in to be there for the festivities.  Employees had an opportunity to get their picture taken with Ronald, and get an autograph.  The previous header to this blog was the picture I got taken with Ronnie.  He had a couple of pictures of himself and I asked for him to autograph one for me, which you can see he did(he even drew a caricature of himself).