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League Assignment and Extras

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For this week’s assignment, Brian asked…

Besides the Batmobile, what is the sweetest ride cruising the streets of pop culture?

There are so many great possibilities for this(the Tim Burton Batmobile is the best, in case you were wondering).  Before we get to the ride I would most like to get behind the wheel of, I’d like to show you guys my runner-up.

(photo credit –

Pee wee’s bike just looks awesome!  I don’t care that it probably really slow and clumsy.  But theres so much awesome in this bike, that it doesn’t really matter.  But ther is one vehicle that would be really fun test drive.

(it’s the best shot I could find on Google)

The Thundertank was probably my favorite 80’s vehicle/accessory.  A real life version of this beast would be amazing!  This would make for the party wagon!  I remember my yonger brother and I having remote-controlled versions of the Thundertank, and even finding a Thundertank(as well as some Thundercats figures), on the curb headed for the trash, while we were on vacation in Ohio!  It’s a ride that I have always thought was co0l.

And speaking of Thundertanks…

This was the mystery item that I eluded to in my last post.  But I’ll go more into detail with the review I have planned for this.

I hit up a few thrift store in the last couple of days, and I ended up finding some pretty cool stuff.

I purchased all of the above games at a new local thrift shop for $1 each, with the exceotion of Toughguy Contest, which was 99 cents at Goodwill.  With the exception of Bubble Bobble, I didn’t have any of the other games in my collection(I’ll sell the extra Bubble Bobble to offset the cost of my hobbies 🙂 ).  I did pretty well with these, but they’ll be staying with me.

Both the Starfox 64 Player’s Guide and the “Coming out of Their Shells Tour” vhs were $1 each at the same thift shop.  These are 2 more items that are for the personal collection(nobody should want the TMNT tape, it’s horrible!).  These were some good finds on the first trip to the new shop, so I’ll stop by again sometime.

Check out some other sweet rides at Cavalcade of Awesome (I knew that would be your #1 pick Paxton!!)

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The League of Extraordinary Bloggers – Holy Grails and White Whales

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The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a project that Brian from Cool and Collected started about 2 months ago(for those of you who are not familiar with this, click here for the scoop).  The topic this week is, as stated in this post’s title, Holy Grails and White Whales.

While I could go on and on with stuff I would love to get, the idea is what would we most like to find, and be able to take home with us.  There’s got to be  something that has eluded you, that you think you may never get, or get the opportunity for a chance at.  There are a few things that instantly came to mind.

I collect video games, among other things, so that’s where we’ll start.

What you see above is the very definition of Holy Grail, when it comes to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I have many fond memories attached to the NES, which is probably why I have so much interest in the system itself.  I collect games for quite a few consoles,  but I have more NES games than all of my other consoles combined(200+).  If you are not familiar with the story behind these cartridges, I’ll give you a little history.

In 1990, Nintendo held a video game championship across the country(not unlike the one in the movie The Wizard).  There were competitions in cities across the nation, looking for the best Nintendo player in that city.  Then the “best” players from each age group would play against each other in the finals of the tournament to determine the winner.  I’m not sure just how these were distributed, but I do know that some went to the champions and finalists, and some were given away in a Nintendo Power contest.  There are only 90 of the gray cartridges, and just 26 copies of the gold one.

The games contained within are Super Mario Brothers(get 50 coins), Rad Racer(complete the first course), and Tetris(get the highest score you can).  There is a dipswitch on the outside of the cart, that you can use to adjust the amount of time to play.  Even though all the games are pretty common, the cartridges are not.  This is something I’m pretty sure I will never own, but it’s nice to dream of finding it a at a garage sale or flea market.

And there are a few toys that came to mind as well.  Now, there are a lot(tons), of toys that I would love to add to my collection.  There are plenty of lines that I collect, and others that I would like to collect.  But there is one line that stands above the rest, and that’s Transformers.  Or more specifically, Generation 1 Transformers.

The first of the two?

Transformers and I go way back.  My brother and I received our first Transformers on the Christmas of 1984 or 1985.  We got one each, and they were both Megatron.  Megatron is high on my want list, but Ultra Magnus is just a little more important to me.  You see, when I saw Transformers the Movie back in 1987, Ultra Magnus quickly became my new Favorite Transformer.  My older brother ended up getting it for me, I believe, for my 9th birthday in 1988.  For some reason I didn’t have it very long.  My stepmother, took him away for some reason(probably jealous that my younger brother didn’t have one), and I never saw him again.  I’m sure I probably cried my eyes out, because I really wanted that toy, and really loved it for the short time that I had it.  So, maybe, finally getting him again may give me some closure.

And the one I wanted, but never got.

Soundwave, is perhaps the coolest looking Transformer in robot mode(and a little dated in alt mode).  I knew a few kids who had this guy, and boy, did I want it!  There were quite a few times I would pick out cassette 2-packs(for Soundwave or Blaster), when we would ask if we could get a toy(you know what I’m talking about).  I have had a few chances to pick this guy up, but at the time(s), I just didn’t have the $40-$50 to spare.  But that may all change when the toy show comes to town on April 22!

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Totally Turtle-Tastic Friday!

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What a perfect end of the week!

I arrived home Friday to hear the news that a couple of pieces of mail had come for me.  I ask if they are packages, and was told “One is a package, and the other one is in an envelope.  This is the type of mail that I get exited about.  What could these be?!

To start things off, last week, The Surfing Pizza had/ran a TMNT give away.  The prizes were TMNT Tabulators, that were featured as items(as well as TMNT towels, visors and other junk), that you could send a way for in the Pizza Points catalog.  Back in the day, I never did send away for anything in that catalog.  He had a few extra Totally Tubular Tabulators(brand new, never used), that were prizes in this give away.  I was one of the winners!!!!

This is the envelope(holder), that the Totally Tubular Tabulator came in.  It’s weird because, it shows the Turtles in their cartoon style, but they’re all wearing red like in the old school comics(which is pretty sweet).  It is copyrighted 1990.  Now for being 21 years old, it looks like it would’ve back in 1990(brand new).

Here we are, all opened up.

On the inside of the envelope there are directions for how to use your Totally Tubular Tabulator.  Also included is a “protective” case emblazoned with the same graphic that is on the envelope.  And because this is a solar powered Tabulator, it worked immediately.

The other package was from Brian over at Cool and Collected.  I started checking out his site sometime last summer, and I had recently commented on one of his posts.  I received an e-mail from Brian and he said that he clicked on my url, and saw that I was a fellow toy collector.  He said that he recently cleaned out some closets, and found a few items(that I could cross off on my 2011 collecting checklist), that he would send to me if I provided a mailing address.  I was not expecting this.

Let’s open it up and see what’s inside!  If you couldn’t tell from this post’s title, this is another TMNT related package.

First up is a Foot Soldier.  Now I would think that these guys would be easy to find in the wild, but believe it or not, I never have.  This guy is a must for any TMNT collector.

Next we have Bebop.  Now my Rocksteady has his partner in crime, to help fight the “toitles”.

Storage Shell Donatello!  Donatello is my favorite Turtle, and this figure is one of the first one’s on my “to get” list.  I just love the gimmick!

Now, while I love all of these figures…I saved my favorite of the bunch for last.

Slash!  No.  Not the Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver guitarist!  This is one of the most bad-ass looking TMNT figures in the original line.  He also happened to be one of my favorite action figures when I was a kid.  In the last animated series(TMNT-Fast Forward), there were evil versions(strong and dumb) of the Turtles.  It is my belief that those guys were modeled after ‘ol Slashy boy.

I want to again thank Shel over at The Surfing Pizza and Brian over at Cool and Collected for totally making my weekend.  Keep up the good work guys!  And if you haven’t checked out either of their sites, click on the links in this post or the ones to your right.