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Beverage review #1

Posted in Food/Beverage with tags , , , on July 12, 2010 by Jason

This is a first for me.  A beverage review.

Long before we even left for Cicinnati, I had told my fiancee that we would be bringing back at least two 12-packs of Barq’s Red Creme soda.  Since I was a kid, I have loved this stuff.  Now, I have not seen this elusive soda in any of my limited travels, except for in Ohio.  After our day at King’s Island, we stoppped at a gas station/convenience store called Thornton’s(I believe it’s a chain), so I could grab a few cold beers.  As I was scouring the coolers, I noticed this guy.

Now, I have tried the Big Red soda, but this was new(to me anyway).  For me, a new blue soda is something I have to try.  For those who do not know, Big Red is a red creme soda similar to the Barq’s variety, but in my opinion, it tastes like bubblegum, nothing at all like Barq’s.  I’m not saying that I dislike Big Red(it was my first uncommon beverage upon arriving in Cicinnati), I just prefer the Barq’s red creme.

I was expecting this to taste somewhat fruity.  How wrong I was!  I don’t think that the blue coloring plays any part in the taste.  This actually tastes like a really good creme soda.  It definately threw me for a loop.  I wish I had tried this while I was out there, rather than sampling it today, because I would have brought back more.  All in all, if you can find it, I reccomend giving it a whirl.

I have a few other non-local beverages I brought back for review.  I will post part 2 of my vacation in a day or two, and in between the long vacation posts I will post the aforementioned reviews.