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A Great Weekend-Part II

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This is the continuation of the little spending spree I had this past weekend.  Yesterday, I revealed my finds from non-retail establishments(thrift-type stores).  Today will showcase my retail findings(with reviews of some of the items soon).

I’m not going to list my finds in chronological order, but I will list the toys last.

I took the requisite trip to Wal-Mart on Saturday so we could do some grocery shopping, checked the toy section, and would you believe it?  There was nothing I really wanted.  So, I decided to see what graphic t-shirts they had.  There were quite a few more I’d like to pick up.  I had a black Bullet Bill shirt in my hand ready to go find my wife, until I looked down and saw this.

I had to get this shirt!  It exudes all types of awesome!  On a side note, I also needed new pajama pants, and they are of the Pac-Man variety as well(I’m wearing them right now).

On Friday, after exiting the movie theater, we decided to hit up the Barnes & Noble right next door(well, in between the movie and Barnes & Noble, we had a few drinks at The Cheesecake Factory on the other side of the theater.  We only had about 15-20 minutes, as it was around 10:40pm.  I stumbled across 2 books in the heavily marked down clearance racks.

The Far Side is one of my all-time favorite comic strips(?).  I have about 4 other collections of The Far Side.  As you can see, this was released for the strip’ 10 year anniversary(published in 1989).  Inside tells you the story of how The Far Side came to be, as well as the short lived strip that Gary Larson did before The Far Side.  I think the cover is sweet looking.  I can’t decide which is cooler, the T-Rex skeleton or the 3-D rendering of Larson’s classic nerd kid.  I also picked up a new Bathroom Reader, as I recently finished reading the one I got for Christmas.  I had a different one in my hand when I saw this one.  But this one was marked down to $6.98.  This series has great facts as well as plenty of useless trivia, and is just a very interesting read.

Now we’ll get to see the toys I ended giving a home to.

Toys R Us was our first stop upon hitting Albany on Friday night.  I was disappointed with their selection and some of the prices.  The first one we’ll look at was purchased more because of it’s clearance tag, rather than being a toy I would purchase even at full price.

Jurassic Park must be a hot license if they’re making toys for them in 2009(that’s when these were released).  There was a good selection of this line, priced to go at $3.98.  You had the choice of getting a figure and a dinosaur, or getting a two-pack of dinosaurs.  This one has a launching projectile with it, and you can’t go wrong with a dinosaur and a shooting projectile in a toy(review coming soon).

The Toys R Us I went to still had a huge amount of figures from the Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen, and they were selling them at full price.  There were no recently released figures(Generations, Reveal the Shield), but I did manage to find a decent figure that was marked down.

Decepticon Bludgeon!  This guy(voyager class) was going for just about a dollar more than the deluxe class figures from the same line.  I couldn’t turn it down.  This will also be reviewed in the near future.  I hope my next trip to Toys R Us is a bit more fruitful.

We’ll end with the last find of the weekend.  I stopped by the local comic shop after we left Wal-Mart on Saturday, and picked this up.

It’s Landfill.  After I brought this home, I did a little research, and found out that I over paid for this, and the guns he came with aren’t correct.  He is clean and the stickers are in good shape, so I don’t mind, as this is for my collection anyway.

Stay tuned for another awesome acquisition post, as well as some toy reviews.

2010 Christmas fallout

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Well, Christmas is over, and the normal routines will fall back into place.  As always, this Christmas was lots of fun.  Over at X-entertainment, Matt has had a Christmas Fallout thread(hence this post’s title), where everyone lists the gifts that they received(he’s been doing this for years).  I decided that it would be fun to list everything I received here, with pictures of the goodness that was got(is that proper English?).

I’ll start with what is not pictured.  My wife and I received some cash, as well as some gift cards.  The gift cards are as follows…2 $15.00 Applebee’s gift cards(thank you Aunt Judy), a $50.00 Cheesecake Factory gift card(thank you mother and father-in-law), and a $25.00 Regal Cinemas gift card(a second thank you to the in-laws).

Now we’ll get to the gifts that have pictures.  They are in no particular order, but I will save my favorite gift for last.

First up we have Transformers Generations Thrust.  Now technically this was not a Christmas gift, as I used some of the cash we received to buy it.  So, on a different technicality, it is a gift.  As I have mentioned before, I love the seekers from G1.  Thrust wasn’t one of the original three(Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker), but, still, you gotta love the “conehead” seekers as well.  He’s already opened and transformed, ready for review(I might review him before Cybertronian Bumblebee).

Here’s a few gifts from my wife.  First, we have Uncle Johns Briefs.  This is part of “The Bathroom Reader” series.  It’s smaller(in mass, not content), and the articles within are smaller, for a quick read.  Then there’s the Pac-Man air freshener.  Simple in design, but the strawberry scent smells great.  An that little ? block is a metal container filled with coin candies.  Remember my last post, where I said I didn’t get some candies because the price wasn’t fair?  Well, this was one of those candies.  My wife must have kept that in mind, because I really did want this.

Here, we have a snowman Pez that was in my stocking at the in-laws house.  All I can say is, you can’t go wrong with Pez.  Next, my wife got me a bottle of Nautica Blue.  Nautica is one of my favorite colognes, and this version is no different.  It smells great!  Ghostbusters 2 is another gift my wife got me.  She actually bought the first movie for me at a yard sale this past summer.  What’s great about this is, it contains 2 episodes from the animated series!

Another 3 gifts from my stocking.  I love Chef Boyardee.  These things are great when I don’t feel like making my lunch for work.  Just throw them in the cooler and we’re ready to go.

This Glitter Lamp was a gift from my wife’s grandparents.  There’s not much I can say about it, except that I like novelty lamps such as this.  My wife framed the photo in this picture for me as a gift.  Its a picture of myself, my best man(my nephew, Victor) and my other best man(Clark), in her father’s garage, a few hours after the wedding at our reception.

The TMNT clock was another of the stellar gifts my wife got for me.  She knows I’m a huge fan, and when we finally get a house, and I get my own game room, this will be the time piece that will adorn it’s walls.  The giant musical Leonardo Pez, was a gift from my wife’s aunt Dawn.  She knows I’m a fan of TMNT as well as various other 80’s properties, and thought that this was perfect for me.  How right she was!  The funny thing is, is that she didn’t know that it played music.

The beer pictured is a gift from my wife’s grandparents.  Every year for the past 5 years, her grandparents always get me a variety case of beer.  It’s a perfect gift, and it has different persuasions, that make them stand out among your typical domestic beer.  Plus, you gotta love the painting of the dogs on the side of the case.

Collector’s Edition Nintendo Monopoly.  Does my wife know me or what?  I’ve had my eye on this baby for years.  When I saw the box after it was wrapped, I said “My guess would be Nintendo Monopoly.”  Not even thinking she would have gotten such a thing.  I based my guess on the dimensions of the gift.  I can only describe this in one word…Awesome!

So, we come to the end of the post, and it’s time for me to reveal my favorite gift.  If you look at the first picture, it should be obvious.

The Turtle Party Wagon!  I never had this as a kid, and I’m overjoyed to now have it in my clutches.  I spotted this in Toys R Us Express in the mall, and told my wife that I wanted it.  It was the last one and she said that she was not going to spend 23 dollars on a toy.  That day, while I was in line waiting to pay for Rodimus Minor, she doubled back in(I didn’t even see her), and had one of the clerks put it behind the counter, for her to pick up later.  She had it wrapped in a bigger box.  Needless to say, I was shocked and extremely happy.  I will do a full review on it, once I get to opening and assembling it.

I hope you all had a merry Christmas, and if you didn’t get everything you wanted, well, there’s always next year.