Transformers Generations : Fall of Cybertron – Grimlock

Couldn’t believe that I was able to find this all ready, and locally!


From what I’ve been reading, this was supposed to hit shelves in March.  I checked out a few different places, and my local Wal-Mart was the only place to have Grimlock.  I also saw Soundwave(at K-Mart and Target), Blaster(at Wal-Mart) and SoundBlaster(at Target).


I have been really anticipating the release of this figure.  Grimlock was a figure that eluded me as a kid.  Even the Masterpiece and Animated versions never crossed paths with me.  Being that Grimlock is one of the more popular characters(with good reason), his secondary market prices are pretty high.

I got this at Wal-Mart, and cost me a little less than $25 after all was said and done.

He comes packaged in robot mode, and looks pretty damn good.


The form of the figure looks very good, but leaves a little to be desired when it comes to articulation.



His T-Rex mode is pretty awesome, though he has basically no articulation in this mode.


He does have a few action features, and they definitely enhance playability.

The first is a “CHOMPING JAW!”.  It doesn’t stay open without assistance, so here’s a shot with a piece of mechanical pencil holding the jaw open.


There are pegs on the weapons, which fit into holes on the figure to be stored in this mode.

The second feature is “GLOWING EYES AND MOUTH!”.


My only gripes would be the limited articulation in both modes, and the open chest in T-Rex mode.  Other than that, the figure looks great in both modes, has great playability, and is an overall great value.

6 Responses to “Transformers Generations : Fall of Cybertron – Grimlock”

  1. I seen this along with the other two you mentioned plus a normal Blaster(which looks awesome and so tempting)at a few places my way. These all are just fantastic so congrats on the Grimlock score. : )

    • It’s definitely a good time to collect Transformers! The Metroplex they’re showing looks INSANE! I will always be behind a retro-inspired toy line, and Transformers does well when it comes to that. I’d love to pickup Blaster. It was either him or Grimlock, and we obviously know how that went. 🙂

  2. I saw Soundwave early on and really liked him. Now I am seeing lots of Soundblasters, but they just look like dull colored Soundwaves. I do want Blaster though. Hoping we will see him soon now that we are seeing Grimlock.

    That was a lot of light coming out of Grimmy’s hear when you had the lights off. 🙂

    • Blaster looks very good in person! I don’t have the money right now, or I would have picked him up when I picked up Grimlock. I can’t justify picking up Soundwave, because I already have the War for Cybertron figure, which is basically a smaller scale of the same figure. And as you said, SoundBlaster looks like a dull colored Soundwave. If I end up having the money, I’d like to pick up Blaster. I’d also like to get Starscream, but I have yet to see him anywhere(except your site).

  3. I had Grimlock as a kid but this version looks even better ! I may have to look in to some of these …..

  4. duoconflywheels Says:

    I know I may be in the minority here, but I just don’t care for this version of Grimlock that much. He’ll be going up on my “video game” shelf most likely in robot mode and staying there.

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