Albany Comic Con : The Haul – Part III

So, we’ve seen some comics, some trading cards and some toys.  Well, today we’ll close out with a few more toys.  Action figures, to be exact.

Shockwave is mostly complete, as you can see.  When I made the purchase, everything looked to be in order.  When I got home and did some research, I found that one of the included guns does not go with this figure.  It is the same color, but the type of gun isn’t correct.  I’m sure that this was an honest mistake, and 7 dollars is fair for what I got.  The only real issue I have, is that the figure will not stay standing when I put his back pack on.  When I was a kid, I must’ve had this figure on 3 or 4 separate occasions.  Maybe it the design on his uniform, because version 2 of Storm Shadow had almost the same pattern, and I must’ve got him 3-4 times as well.

Major Bludd is the 3rd version of the figure, and was released as part of the Battle Corps line.  I found him in a $1.50 bin, but the seller(who I’ve dealt with in the past), said a dollar for him would be fine.  He has some type of harness on him, that doesn’t belong to him, but I don’t just want to chuck it.  Although the figure is stamped 1991, it was released in 1994.  I’m guessing this is just a repaint of an existing figure.  I like it though.

8 dollars for 2 Joes is a decent deal, considering that Shockwave has been on my want list for quite some time now(gotta wait ’til you find a price your comfortable with).

9 Responses to “Albany Comic Con : The Haul – Part III”

  1. duoconflywheels Says:

    Always loved Shockwave as a kid. Too bad he never got a better modern update…

  2. I left GI Joe when Chuckles came out. I have no idea who Shockwave is.

  3. Awesome Jason you know i love the Joes but that one figure is not Doctor Mindbinder it’s the version 3 Major Bludd figure from 1994. : )

    • Thanks Jboy. The post has been updated. I know it’s a version 3, but I always have mixed up Dr. Mindbender and Major Bludd. It must be the moustache! I’ll have to remember that Bludd has the eye patch, and Mindbender has the monocle.

  4. Loving Shockwave J!

  5. […] he had(all were only $5, and they were all complete).  This came from the same seller I got Shockwave from, and this guy has great prices, and all of his figures are […]

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