Albany Comic Con : The Haul

So, yesterday I went to Albany Conic Con.  This is the second year that I attended, but this time I didn’t take any pictures.  The attendance seemed to be higher this year(it actually runs twice a year, but I attend the fall one), and at times, it was a little hard to maneuver through the crowd.  Keep in mind that this is a small con held at the Holiday Inn.

It was a great time, and there were plenty of great deals.

I’ll highlight everything in a few different posts.  Today, I’ll just highlight a few of the comics that I picked up.

This one is long over due.  This has got to be one of the most iconic covers in Marvel history!  This was a big series when it came out, and this is the first time I’ve owned it since.  I couldn’t get the dollar out of my pocket fast enough!

Like Spider-Ham from Marvel, you can’t go wrong with DC’s Captain Carrot.  These are good, fun reads!

I know close to nothing about the TMNT comics from IDW.  I do know that this is a 1 in 10 variant sketch cover though.  The seller had it marked for $10, but said that everything was 50% off.  I ended up getting it for $3.50.  I’ll probably have to pick up the collected editions(if they exist), if I actually want to read the this(micro)series.

The Punisher is the first comic that I actively collected.  I’m always happy to fill the early gaps in the series.  I picked up issue #13 as well.

This is another title I collected in my first years of comic collecting, although I think the title had changed to Avengers West Coast by that time.  50 cents was too hard to resist for issue #2!

Those are just the highlights of 11 comics that came home with me.  I also got a few toys, as well as some packs of some great early 90’s trading cards.  We’ll get to that stuff in a few days.

10 Responses to “Albany Comic Con : The Haul”

  1. Love those old comic scores. I was into West Coast Avengers when it first debuted as well.

    • I got into West Coast Avengers aroung ’91-’92. So they were Avengers West Coast by the time I got into it. But I’m a fan of the title, period.

  2. I really dig the IDW TMNT comics. It might be hard for you to just read the micro series as they’re pretty integrated into the main book storyline. My fave (and IMO the best) of the micros is the Casey Jones issue.

    • Eventually I’ll read ’em all. These days I get them as I see them. Once I have a few consecutive issues, I’ll read them. I still only have an issue or 2 from the TMNT series from the early 2000’s that I haven’t yet read. So, I’ll have plenty of good reading when I come upon them. There’s just so much in the TMNT-verse that I have yet to read, which is great, because it keeps everything fresh(for me anyway).

  3. Nice! Captain Carrot like Spider-Ham is a favorite of mine and i see some G.I. Joes there too in your stash which is always a win.

  4. Loved the West Coast Avengers!Wonder Man was my favorite 😉

  5. Kevin Hellions Says:

    I think I would have bought the same things. Punisher #9 from that series was one of my first comics. Great covers on those early issues. West Coast Avengers was, in my mind, the greatest book at the time. The first book I dug through back issue bins for too. Infinity Gauntlet was an event, and you should own it. Cant wait to see pictures of that GI Joe Shockwave figure.

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