I wasn’t sure exactly what line this Starscream would be considered part of.  Judging by the figure, and card back it looks like it would be part of the Reveal the Shield line.  But that’s not the case.  From the front of the card, you could beleive that it would be from Gnerations.

Can you see what I’m talking about?

I found this at The Christmas Tree Shop.  There were also 3 other different figures, which were Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and G2 Megatron.  With the exception of the G2 Megatron, the other 3 figures are all in the Reveal the Shield line.  These figures do not have the rub sign, and they also come with weapons.  From what I can see, I’m thinking that these may be a Canadien release, and The Christmas Tree Shops ended up with the overstock(I will be going back for Megs).

He looks good in robot mode.  But as with all figures in this scale, you can’t get him in too many different poses.

Almost 100% of the time, I prefer the robot modes when it comes to my Transformers.  And even though Starscream will be displayed in robot mode, I think his alt mode looks pretty damn good.

After I took these pictures, I was able to get those little bars on top to actually snap into place.

I think these are priced fairly at $4.99, and were a totla surprise find.  I’m also thinking that this may be my favorite Transfromer in this scale.  Very cool!

7 Responses to “Starscream”

  1. Very cool Jason congrats on the find.

  2. Starscream was originally released in the RTS line, but later repackaged for dollar / discount stores. I have yet to see this Starscream, but judging from his new weapons those are the same ones used for the GDO Thundercracker Legends figure.

    • But as you can see, there is no rub sign on him. And on the card back, you can see there is a rub sign , and no Decepticon faction symbols. Were the faction symbols present on the RTS line, or was this just a simple re-tooling?

  3. Nice find Jason!Dollar General/discount stores have stepped it up in the action figure department.

  4. Nevermore Says:

    Okay, let’s break it down.

    “Reveal the Shield” was not an actual “line”, unlike Generations. The Transformers Wiki just calls the line “Transformers (2010)”. The “Hunt for the Decepticons” promotion was a subline within it, and “Reveal the Shield” was the second subline, continuing the same assortment numbers for the various size classes (similar to “Allspark Power” and “Premium Series” for the movie line, or “N.E.S.T. Global Alliance” for the Revenge of the Fallen line).

    The “Transformers (2010)” toys were available in two packaging styles. The more common one, with a more yellow-orange-ish main color for the cardback, was used for toys under the “Hunt for the Decepticons” and “Reveal the Shield” sublines. The less common one uses a red-orange-ish main color for the cardback that looks very much like Generations packaging. This second type of cardback is used for toys available at “Dollar stores”, i.e. mostly re-releases of older toys (some in completely unchanged colors compared to their original releases). Some single-packed Mini-Cons were available in that packaging style, as were some Cybertron Scouts and the umphtiest re-release of the “Optimus Prime vs. Megatron: The Ultimate Battle” two-pack. And now these four Legends figures. They’re also not “Canadian”, since Canada usually (not counting store exclusive multi-packs and redeco assortments) gets toys in trilingual or quadrilingual packaging (multiple languages, either English/French/Spanish or English/French/Spanish/Portuguese). These toys are widely available at stores such as Dollar General, Family Dollar etc. in the US.

    Legends Megatron appears to be unchanged from his original Universe 2.0 release. Bumblebee is a minor redeco of the version from the Toys”R”Us exclusive Dark of the Moon “Cyberverse Evolution” four-pack (itself a redeco of Universe 2.0 Legends Bumblebee), with the giant Autobot logo slightly shrunken down and moved from the roof to one of the “doors”/arms. He also sports some very minor retooling with additional pins and holes to connect his arms more securely to the torso in vehicle mode.

    The Optimus Prime and Starscream figures in this assortment were originally just straight US market releases of the Japanese “Chronicle” decos for the sculpts introduced with Reveal the Shield. There was no retooling required since the rubsigns were simply stickers. However, around the same time, Hasbro retooled these sculpts by giving them hands compatible with Cyberverse weapon handles, and gave them new weapons for the purpose of releasing redecos of them as Thundercracker and “Motorbreath” (a renamed Motormaster thanks to trademark shenanigans) in Hasbro’s Asian markets (under the Generations line) alongside similarly retooled “Hoist” and “Bluestreak” redecos of Reveal the Shield “Trailcutter” and “Prowl” (all four retools/redecos were later released in the United States as Toys”R”US exclusives, together with other previously Asian market-only Generations redecos/retools of Deluxe and Voyager Class toys). Somehow, the retooled hands, together with the new weapons, ended up being added to the “Dollar Store” versions of Starscream and Optimus Prime as running change variants.

    So simply put, there exist two versions of Starscream and Optimus in this packaging: The first versions use the original Reveal the Shield versions of these sculpts in the Japanese “Chronicle” decos, and the second versions use the retooled hands and additional weapon accessories from the Asian market/TRU exclusive Thundercracker and Motorbreath redecos, while still keeping the same decos as the first versions.

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