Trade With Action Figs & Things – Part III

This is the third, and final part of the recent trade with Action Figs & Things.

Everything in this trade was awesome, but I saved my favorite for last.

These were 2 needed additions to my old-school TMNT collection.  My focus on the line is diverted to unique characters, with little focus on Turtle variations(there are a few exceptions).  I’ve wanted to add Splinter to the collection for a while, but I always seem to find him without his robe.  For me, the robe needs to be included, in orderr to warrant a purchase.  This remedies that situation.

Triceraton is another figure that I’ve had at the top of my list, and he even came with his blaster.  This figure was released in 1990.  But the Triceraton race actually has it’s roots in the old-school TMNT comics.  So this figure has a lot going for it.

Due to limited space at the moment, Splinter will probably be the only one of the 2 to be displayed(the M.U.S.C.L.E.s and Nemesis Enforcer will be on display as well).

Thanks again Anthony!

4 Responses to “Trade With Action Figs & Things – Part III”

  1. Wow congrats! I never collected TMNT myself but glad ya got em!

  2. No problem Jason!These guys will look awesome with the rest of your T.M.N.T. collection 😉

  3. Nice! I agree that a Splinter without robe is a sad sight indeed haha. I was lucky enough to find one of the 25th anniversary figures at Ross a couple years back, so he may not be an original, but at least he’s complete.

    I’ve never seen Triceraton in person but he does look like a neat figure – I may have to start looking for him!

    By the way, I love your header banner pic – I have all of those guys except the turtle variants and Shredder.

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