Yard Sale Finds #17 – I Guess I was Wrong. And a Preview of What’s Next

I had honestly thought that I had seen the last of this year’s yard sales when I made my last post.  I was wrong!  There were only a few that crossed my path, but they did yield a handful of video games for my collection.

What you see above ran me $3.40.  I know you’re probably thinking, “Where the hell did 40 cents come from?!”.   Here’s the deal…

I ran across Paper Mario first.  The asking price was $1.50, which is a great deal.  I had a lone single, and 40 cents in my pocket(I didn’t want to break a bigger bill because I was a dime short).  The lady running the sale said, “close enough.”, and I was on my way.

The Mickey Mouse SNES game is one I’ve never played before, and was a no-brainer at $1.  Pokemon Blue from Gameboy was also a great deal at $1.  I could probably seel it for way more money than I paid for it, but I actually enjoy playing the Gameboy Pokemon games(when Pokemon Yellow was released back in ’98-’99, it was the reason I bought a Gameboy Color).  So, a pretty small haul, but some nice additions(and all for Nintendo cystems, no less!).

And here’s a hint of what’s coming up next.

7 Responses to “Yard Sale Finds #17 – I Guess I was Wrong. And a Preview of What’s Next”

  1. Hobgoblin238 Says:

    I was wondering how do you know if the games still play when you buy them at yard sales? Do they test them for you?

    • Sometimes it’s just a chance. I’m usually I’m a pretty good judge of telling whether or not they are going to play. I have only bought one game that didn’t work. It was a Pokemon Red for Gameboy, but it ran me a little more than a dollar. Now, I usually have my Gameboy with me, so I can test the games. I actually almost bought another game this past weekend, but I popped it in my Gameboy, but no dice. I saved $2 there.

  2. I think Paper Mario was the real steal here. $1.40 is an amazing price for a game that seems to hold high prices second hand in most shops. At least that’s how it is here.

  3. Paper Mario was worth the price you paid for everything easily. Nice haul.

  4. Great find on the Paper Mario that is a awesome game!

  5. Awesome deal Jason that Paper Mario game is great!

  6. Let me know if that Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge is any good…never seen that one before. ^_^

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