The Trash Pack – Series 2

I finally caved, and picked up a 5-pack of these awesome little guys.

This 5-pack ran me $4.97 + Tax at Wal-Mart.  They seem like figures you’d get for 25-50 cents in a vending machine, but I see more to them than that.  Each little guy comes with his own trash can, and the packaging is very cool.  Looking at the back of the card, there were quite a few I was hoping to get.  You get to see one of the 5 right off the bat, but I think that there are only a handful of them that are in that position.  At least that’s the way it seemed from the selection that I had to choose from.  Each little guy is assigned a specific rarity.  We have common, rare, ultra rare, special edition, and limited edition.

Three of my five were commons, so we’ll take a look at them first.

First up is “Skummy Mummy”.  He was the one that was showing in the pack.  He seems the logical choice for the time of year we are moving into(plus, how can you not like mummies?).  “Putrid Pretzel” is next, and he was one that I wanted when I first looked at the checklist on the back of the package.  He’s like a second generation Food Fighter!  And lastly, we have “Garbage Bear”.  He’s a little “meh”.

But I also ended up getting 1 rare, and one ultra rare.

To the left is “Binfire”.  He’s rare, but not as cool as some of the other “Bin-Sects”(“Sludge Slug” and “Junk Jumper” are much, much cooler).  And my super rae is  “Dripzy”.  He’s pretty neat, but there are more common ones that I would’ve preferred.

A few of these were a little hard to identify, because the colors were not the same as the ones depicted on the back of the card.  It does state that the “colours” may vary, and really, it’s not a big deal.  Except for “Binfire”.  On the card he is red and yellow, probably because his name is BinFIRE.  Mine is green and pink!  If every one comes in several different color schemes, I guess that’s cool(unless you are a completist!).  I think the price-point is right, and I wouldn’t rule out me getting a few more of these.

I also started up a hockey/non-sports card blog.  Check it out!

2 Responses to “The Trash Pack – Series 2”

  1. For that price i might buy a pack to just check them out Jason.

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