Transformers Generations : Fall of Cybertron – Shockwave

With the recent release of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, this almost flew under my radar!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you know that I’m a big fan of the Generations line of Transformers.  The sculpts are usually top notch, and, at least in robot mode, they heavily resembled their G1 counterparts.  And the newst wave is no exception.

The new figures are based on the characters in the upcoming Fall of Cybertron video game.  In the first wave we’ve got Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Shockwave.  All of their vehicle modes are their Cybertronian modes.  And in future waves, we will see Starscream and Grimlock(really looking forward to this one).  But for now, we’re here for Shockwave.

Shockwave came packaged in robot mode, but I wanted to show his vehicle mode first.  This is his “Cybertronian Mobile Artllary Mode”.  My guess is that this is some kind of super tank, and it’s bit reminiscent of his gun mode from Generation 1.   It’s a very interesting design, and looks bad-ass!

Of course, the directions were very confusing.  But now that I’ve transformed him from robot to vehicle and back again, it’s not overly complicated(which should be expected, as it’s transformation is a level 2).

But as with the majority of Transformers, he looks better in robot mode.

Shockwave’s cannon is a seperate gun rather than being part of his other arm(as was the case with the G1 version).  Still, with his one never blinking eye, and absence of any facial features, he looks really frickin’ awesome!

Now while I am happy with this figures appearance, I do have a few gripes.  The first being the higher cost of these deluxe class figures.  I picked this up at Wal-Mart(which is usually cheaper than anywhere else), and it ran me close to $16.00.  And that was before tax!  Now, I wouldn’t mind the price increase, if I felt that it was warranted.  But these new figures are a bit smaller, and the materials they’re made from, seem to feel a bit cheaper than the older figures in the line.

So, if I were to rate this on a scale of 1-10, I’d give it an 8.5.  It’s a great looking figure, but I don’t think the price hike was necessary.  Shockwave looks like he’s the short-packed of the 3 that were released.  So if you want him, pick him up when you first see him, because you may have a hard time finding him later.

8 Responses to “Transformers Generations : Fall of Cybertron – Shockwave”

  1. Love the new Generations toys, but not the upcharge in price. Smaller toys, higher prices = make it hard on cash strapped collectors!

    • That’s what I’m saying! The figures look great, but at almost a twenty-spot for just one figure makes it hard to not be picky. Especially since Starscream and Grimlock are in the future waves.

  2. jboypacman Says:

    This one is on my “To-Get List” because am a fan of Shockwave i just need to get around to finding and buying it when i have a extra $15.

  3. I noticed the smaller size of these figures.I may not pick any of these up and stick to the DOTM figs instead.I’m actually looking to trade my Wheeljack figure because It doesn’t really blend in with the DOTM TF’s.

    • I’m sure you know that I’m not a fan of the movie figures, but hey, we all like what we like. But there’s only so many DotM toys. But at least your focused on what interests you.

  4. Nice blog… How is the new game??

    • This post is about the figure, and I do not have the game. While the game looks to be pretty awesome, I do not own a console it can be played on.

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