Howdy everyone!  I needed to take a bit of a hiatus from blogging but I’m back now!  It’s been a little dry in regards to toys, but I do have some stuff that I can make(at least little) posts for.

I went to a few yard sales in the past week or so, but I only obtained one new item!  And it was this guy.

Bazooka was in a bag with a bunch of other G.I. Joes, some of which were broken.  The bag said that they were $3.50 each, but the guy selling them said that he would give me a deal for all of them.  The only others that I noticed were another Bazooka, and a Gung-Ho who was just barely hanging on by his o-ring.  There were others, but I wasn’t familiar with them.  So, I decided against buying them all, and just took the single figure.  The paint is good, and the joints are as tight as the day he was purchased.  Not a homerun, but a decent addition for $2.00.

9 Responses to “Bazooka”

  1. jboypacman Says:

    Very nice Jason!

    • Thanks Jboy. Seems like you got a few good ones from Brian recently. I’d like to get that version 2 storm Shadow, as well as Psyche-Out, as I had both when I was kid. And the ones I had as a kid are always more appealing these days. I couldn’t even tell you how many Joes my brother and I had growing up. 🙂

  2. WOW!For a 20 + year old figure he looks great J.

  3. So Bazooka doesn’t get too lonely you need to pick up his buddy Alpine next!

    • If I can find him for a decent price, sure. Almost any of the figures from ’82-’92 have my interest. SOme of the ones a few years later do as well, but I’m concentrating on ones primarily from ’82-’92, which Alpine is included in.

  4. He looks like Dan Severn. Added your link btw =D

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