Yard Sale Finds #12, Dino-Riders & Reppin’ “The Pizza”

Has it been a week?

Well, the Rangers got eliminated from the conference finals on Friday(I’m a big fan of the Rangers, and they had a great season), so I’ll probably be posting stuff more often now.  This past weekend was pretty good for yard sales.  But surprisingly, there weren’t nearly as many as there usually are, considering it was Memorial Day weekend.  I did pretty good, and only spent a total of $5!  The bad news is that I only took 1 picture of everything together, and didn’t get any up close shots, as I had already put the things in their respective(new)places.  So here it is!

Not bad.  The Game Boy Pocket was only 2 bucks(it works), and Paperboy was included!  “The Empire Strikes Back” Burger King glass was a steal for a mere quarter.  I’ve been a fan of those little fuzzy googly eye things(not sure if they have a formal name) since I was a kid, and a kit where I can make as many as I want for only 50 cents?!  Sold!  The Flower(from Bambi), figure was in a “free” box at one of the sales, as was the Deiner dinosaur eraser.  Some of these can fetch some good money, but I’m not planning on getting rid of it.  The Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas special was 75 cents, and I found it at the same sale that I found my favorite items.  Skeletor, Bruise Brother and the Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos figure were only 50 cents each!  These are the things I specifically look for when I’m out yard saling.  And they’re getting harder and harder to find in the wild.  The Madball(Bruise Brother), is definitely my find of the weekend.  Now, he is displayed right next to Touchdown Terror.

And check these out!

Now, I don’t plan on opening these.  But I do plan on doing a post with some more insight on these great little figures.  I got both of these together for $15 including shipping(do a search on Ebay right now, and you should be able to get them for $9.99 each with free shipping.  She has 6-8 packs of each different 2-pack).  I’ll save the story for when I do a more detailed write-up.

And reppin’ “The Pizza”!

If you have never read the words of The Surfing Pizza, get on it now!  “The Pizza” is one of my favorite blogs that I regularly read.  Pizza’s writing is far better than anything I’ve ever written.  And if you like what you read here, you’ll be a fan of “The Pizza”.  Recently Pizza got a batch of stickers promoting(is that the word I’m looking for?)The Surfing Pizza, and was sending them to anyone who wanted one(not sure if he has any left, but here’s the link).  He sent me 2, and the one you see above is on my car.  Get yours today!

I’ll be back in less than a week this time.  Ha!  I’ll try anyway.  🙂

7 Responses to “Yard Sale Finds #12, Dino-Riders & Reppin’ “The Pizza””

  1. thanks for the nice shout out. I am really really jealous about that Madball. They’re so rare and awesome. I was at the ocean this weekend and there was Madball basketball in a claw machine. It was just a regular basketball with the Madballs logo on it, but I’m so crazy about Madballs stuff that I NEEDED it. I dropped $15 trying to win it but the game was completely rigged.

    • Not a problem, it’s a cool sticker, that’s for sure! I couldn’t get that Madball out of the box fast enough! My buddy was like, “did you just find a Madball? That’s so cool!”(he really wished he had found it) It’s always the stuff that you REALLY want in those damn machines that make you spend the most money. Last October, there was a cool Slimer plush toy in the claw machine at the local Wal-Mart. I had it in my head that I was going to win it. After about $6.00, reality set in and I knew I wasn’t going to win it(it didn’t move much either). 2 days later, it was gone. 😦

  2. Awesome and too jealous on the Mad Ball i have yet to find any of these in the wild.

    • That’s the first one I’ve found in the wild. I’ve seen the re-releases before(in stores), but they’re not the same(they are, but not really, ya know?). But of the 2 I have, both were excellent deals!

  3. Love those Dino Riders!I have to get around to picking up some Chuck Norris figs as well,they are too cool!

  4. I still have my crappy purple see-through GameBoy Colour with a Pokemon Gold and Wario World. 😛

  5. I have a Dino_Raider Serena Figure. She is a lot smaller than my other figures (Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Chap Mei, The Corps, random animes…). When I played with her and the rest of the figures I said she was a hobbit, and everything was ok 😀

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