Cool Toy Show Pick-Up #1

I always thought Trap Jaw was one of the coolest and meanest MOTU villain.  I ended up scoring this guy for $4(originally marked at $6).  He stands very well, and will make a nice addition to my Masters of the Universe collection.  He will join my other villains Skeletor and Mantenna.  The only heroes I have are Buzz-Off and Rokkon(he’s on my Transformers and robots shelf though).  I really need to get a He-Man figure for the collection(2 actually, as I really want to get a Thunder Punch He-Man as well).

More to come soon.

7 Responses to “Cool Toy Show Pick-Up #1”

  1. Nice pick up!A lot of kids had this one back in the day,pretty popular.

    • I had a few of the figures from this line, but I never had Trap Jaw. I was more into the good guys when I was a kid. But it’s still a cool looking figure.

  2. jboypacman Says:

    Thunder Punch He-Man? Jason if i get a chance i might be able to get you one if it is still at the indoor flea market i go to sometimes. If i can get over there this weekend and it is still there i will grab it for you. : )

  3. jboypacman Says:

    No luck on the Thunder Punch He-Man Jason am sorry to say he was long gone buddy. : (

  4. […] toy show in Albany.  I went last year, and found some pretty good stuff(you can read about it here, here and […]

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