Thundercats 2011 Wilykit

But before we get to that.

Big Daddy Darth from Plastic Mayhem left a comment to my last post.

“I liked the MAXX…but I liked the Isz figures that came with him even more…lol Those damn things are creepy!”

And being that I didn’t remember to photograph him for the last post…here ya go!

(Creepy?  Yes.  Awesome?  Yes!)

This next figure is the only Thundercat from the new line, that I did not purchase at Toys R Us.  I happened to find this one at Target.  It seems that the Targets and Wal-Marts within a reasonable distance from where I live, do not have any Thundercats figures.  Yet, they are at every Toys R Us that I’ve been to.

I had to make a choice on either Wilykit here, or Tygra(I wanted to get both).

Her only accessories are her flute, and a hover board, like her brother’s.  I’m happy with this figure overall, but for some reason, there seems to be something off with her face.  It’s not that the paint or sculpt is bad, she just looks a little off from her appearance in the show, while the other figures are spot on.

Just like her brother’s, her board also has concealed fire power!

My Wilykat figure’s board has trouble keeping the guns concealed, but Wilykit’s board keeps them firmly in place.  But that’s fine, because it’s the figure itself, that matters to me.

I’m sure all of you are aware that next Sunday is Easter.  Well, today I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite commercials ever!  Two times, actually!  It was the Cadbury Creme Egg commercial!  The Cadbury Creme Egg is one of my favorite candies ever!  So, like the dork that I am, I snapped a few shots of the commercial while it was on my television screen.  I know it would have been better timing to post this next weekend, but knowing me, I’d end up forgetting.  Writing about it early is much better than writng about it after the day has passed.

(How friggin’ cute is that?!)

On a side note, I still have a pack of the Eggs(the miniature variety[not the Cadbury Mini-Eggs, but mini Creme Eggs]), still in my freezer from last Easter.  I wanted to do a mini-review of them here, but I never got around to it.  I’m surprised that I didn’t even eat one over the course of the year.  But I think my mind just wanted to see how long I would be able to resist them, because as I said earlier, I really do like these.  I’m sure they’re still good, and I may as well eat them before they actually do go bad.  So, I’ll make it a point to do so, from now through Easter Sunday(maybe I’ll do the long overdue review!).

(The company’s spokes-bunny, also known as The Cadbury Bunny)

9 Responses to “Thundercats 2011 Wilykit”

  1. Awesome.
    After looking at your last post I jumped on ebay to see what was to be had on there. They had what I think is and error package, it had one white and 2 black Isz in it. I dont think that was common place for that many to be packaged with him…lol

    I am very worried about the ThunderCats line. The TRU I went to over the weekend had ALL…and I mean ALL, of its Thundercats merchandise on clearance. Even the not so very long ago released 6inch remakes of the Classics line.

    Loved that commercial to. 🙂

    • Maybe the stuff on clearance was the 1st wave stuff. They just introduced Monkian and Jackalman in the 2 newest episodes, so I’m thinking new figures. They released a Claudus and a Panthro with the metal arms, so maybe they’re clearing out old stock. At least I’m hoping that’s the reason(it does make sense).

  2. jboypacman Says:

    My buddy at work was saying that those Isz come in both black and white and one of the 2 is rarer than the other.

    • I believe the black are more rare, but the red is the most rare. You could only get a red one in the “Bag of Iszs”, which were McFarlane Club exclusives(and they were only 1 per bag, while there were many black and white ones with it).

  3. Love the Isz and Wilykit figure but clearly the high light of this post are those amazingly delicious Cadbury Eggs !

  4. Stuart Says:

    I’m from the UK… who knew you had Cadbury’s Creme Eggs in the USA!
    I wonder if they taste the same? I imagine possibly not? Not sure why I think not but hey…
    I’m in your position Jason, I look forward to Easter to come around so I can get stuck into some Creme Eggs!

    • I would think they taste the same, but I’ve never been to the U.K., so I don’t know. Cadbury is now owned by Hershey, so maybe if they didn’t taste the same, maybe they do now. Although, I think Hershey had the license to produce them here before they bought the company. I’ll just have to get my hands on some U.K. Creme Eggs.

  5. It’s official, I want the Wily-Kit toy more than any other. She’s my favourite so far in the series since I can’t stand WHORETARA… Friggin’ disgrace..

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