The Maxx Action Figure

I believe that this is a series 3 figure from the early days of McFarlane Toys.  This was in the days before McFarlane started making figures of sports stars and video games.  In the early days, McFarlane toys made a lot of(if not entirely), Image Comics characters, mostly from Spawn(McFarlane’s creation).  I bought him around 1999-2000, from a small comic book store in the Bronx(when I lived down there).  The store owner wanted $40 for it, mint-in-box.  I chatted with him as he rang me up, and he thought that I was crazy to buy it and open it.  Sam Kieth is my favorite artist of all time, and buying his creation in plastic form was a no-brainer.

His accessories were the headdress that he wears in “The Outback”, and an Isz.  The most common is the white one(which is the one I got, but did not photograph…oops!).  There were also black ones, and an exclusive that had 2 white and 2 black.  There was also a “Bag of Iszs”(which I believe were a McFarlane club exclusive), the bag contained a bunch of white, black and red iszs(I would love to locate a bag of these guys).

Anyway, this is yet another of my favorite figures(top 5).

10 Responses to “The Maxx Action Figure”

  1. Wow, one of my favorite figures of all time! Love that Maxx

  2. One of the local Comic Book shops has one of these last i checked but it was way too pricey i think but it was complete in package.

    • Yeah, I think it’s doubled in price from when I bought it. I’ve seen it going for $50-$85! But if you can find him for a reasonable price, I’d say to pick him up.

  3. That is one bad a%$ figure J!

  4. Wow totally awesome!!! I love it!!

  5. I liked the MAXX…but I liked the Isz figures that came with him even more…lol
    Those damn things are creepy!

  6. Joe Blo Says:

    I just bought the normal version with the white Isz off ebay WITH a Violator figure from the same series for $30 shipped. You can find this guy on Amazon for pretty reasonable too.

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