Super Madballs-Touchdown Terror

This is one of my favorite pieces from my collection.  I think I like this more today, than I did when I had it as a kid.

I believe the “Super” in their name is attributed more to the size of the toy than anything else.  Regular Madballs are about the size of a baseball, and these Super Madballs are much bigger.  Touchdown Terror here is slighly smaller than a regular football, and actually works just as well.  There were two other Super Madballs as well – a soccer ball and a basketball(their names escape me at the moment).  While I do like the original Madballs, Touchdown Terror is my favorite by a longshot.  There’s just so much to like about him, the pointy teeth, the green drool, the stitches.

Normally you’ll see these listed for $40-$100 on Ebay.  Now, while mine is definitely in played with condition, and pretty scuffed up, I got it for a hell of a deal.  I don’t know how, but it had an opening bid of 99 cents with free shipping, and that’s exactly what I got it for!  Sometimes a little bit of luck and patience pays off.  I scored(ha!), this about two and a half years ago and haven’t been able to add anymore Madballs to the collection.  The reason for this is because I can’t seem to find any at a reasonable cost(and I’m willing to pay more than 99 cents for them 🙂 ).

13 Responses to “Super Madballs-Touchdown Terror”

  1. Sweet! The Madballs are something i would love to get a few of but i haven’t found any in my hunts yet.

    • Yeah, I haven’t found any of the originals in the wild either. I’ve only spotted the re-releases a few times, but I would prefer the originals.

      • GoldenArcher629 Says:

        My brother still has his original touchdown terror and it’s still awesome for tossing around!

  2. I remember Madballs but not these super Madballs.These must have come out in the late 80’s maybe?Very cool J!

    • These came out when Madballs were still hot. They even had a commercial for them. While I like football, it would be far more interesting if the NFL used footballs that looked like this. 🙂

  3. I have a vague memory of Madballs and feel like I had the baseball at one point. Can’t beat this for 99 cents shipped!

  4. Oh man! I totally forgot about these! I have most of the new Madballs when they were re-released a couple of years ago. This is an awesome piece, thanks for posting it!

  5. Awesome looking football; I like that green ‘slime’ coming out of his one eye. Just wondering, do you display all your stuff?

    • I don’t currently have room to display all of my stuff, as I live in an apartment. Once my wife and I buy a house, everything will have it’s place. But right now, most of what’s displayed are my favorites. Every now and then I may swap out a few figures.

  6. […] Not bad.  The Game Boy Pocket was only 2 bucks(it works), and Paperboy was included!  “The Empire Strikes Back” Burger King glass was a steal for a mere quarter.  I’ve been a fan of those little fuzzy googly eye things(not sure if they have a formal name) since I was a kid, and a kit where I can make as many as I want for only 50 cents?!  Sold!  The Flower(from Bambi), figure was in a “free” box at one of the sales, as was the Deiner dinosaur eraser.  Some of these can fetch some good money, but I’m not planning on getting rid of it.  The Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas special was 75 cents, and I found it at the same sale that I found my favorite items.  Skeletor, Bruise Brother and the Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos figure were only 50 cents each!  These are the things I specifically look for when I’m out yard saling.  And they’re getiing harder and harder to find in the wild.  The Madball(Bruise Brother), is definitely my find of the weekend.  Now, he is displayed right next to Touchdown Terror. […]

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