Transformers Animated : Oil Slick

I have a few MOC figures that I have had for some time.  I think this is the one that I’ve had the longest(from the ones that I plan on opening).  So this guy has been waiting to be opened since last tax season.

Oil slick here was found at Toys “R” Us on clearance for less than 4 bucks around February or March of last year.  My choices were either Oil Slick(the only one), or Cybertron Mode Ratchet(which there were three of).  Now, I am a fan of the Transformers Animated style.  I was only able to catch a handful of episodes when it was on tv, but the animation style was very pleasing to my eyes.  And with these figures, I feel that Hasbro hit their mark in conveying the look into action figure form.  I only wish I started buying them sooner, because there are a few more I would really love to have(Starscream, Bulkhead, Blurr, Lugnut etc.).  He looks cool in both robot and vehicle mode.

The only thing I don’t like is how the front tire doesn’t look like a single tire.  But I do like that ram skull that is on the front, as well as the barrels under the saddle bags(the barrels turn into weapons).  I also like the color scheme, which is reminiscent of military(in color only, not pattern).  So there is more right than wrong with this figure.

You’ll notice that the chain is not exactly what is pictured on the back of the card.  Now I understand that the product may vary from the depiction on the package – – but the chain on the back is black and has many small links.  What you actually get is a gray, shorter chain with larger links.  This looks terrible when compared to the back of the card(so much better).

But there was one other reason for buying this figure(besides being a fan of the style), and that is the domed head.  I find that to be extremely aesthetically pleasing.  There would be only one thing that could make this figure any better…and that’s if the dome was clear, and almost completely filled with green liquid(and if we were in the eighties, it may have very well happened).

4 Responses to “Transformers Animated : Oil Slick”

  1. I liked Optimus Prime and Grimlock from this line.

    • I have a smaller Optimus from this line, and he’s pretty cool. I actually have the battle damaged version of him, as well as the battle damaged Megatron that came as a set(I’m only missing Optimus’ axe). And Grimlock was pretty sweet, but I was never able to find him, even when these were plentiful in stores.

  2. The 80’s was notorious for little gimmicks and cool action figure extras Jason.Take Zartan for instance with his ability to change colors and Stinkor from the MOTU line with that horrible smell LOL!Little things like that are what make the 80’s such a memorable decade as far as toys go!

    • Believe me, I know! I was born in ’79, and have extensive knowledge of 80’s toys. My Stinkor is missing his chest plate, so the smell is gone(if you put it right up to your nose, there’s a faint scent). Mosquitor from MOTU is a great example of what I was trying to convey with the liquid in the figure. You just don’t see crazy gimmicks like we got in the 80’s. Those were different and really fun toys!

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