Another Great Package From Jboypacman

Howdy everyone!

I have been itching to get another post done, but I ended up catching the flu last Saturday.  I was laid up in bed sick from then until this past Wednesday.  This was the first time I have been really sick in a very long time(6 years or more).  During this time my last item from Ebay arrived(those hockey cards I briefly mentioned last post), as well as a surprise package from Jboypacman.

This was a complete surprise!  Jboy has sent a couple of packages to me in the past, but he usually lets me know before hand.  This time it was out of the blue, and was perfect, because I was sick at home.  So, getting an awesome package of toys while I was sick, made me feel somewhat better(if that makes sense).

So let’s see what was inside.

First there was a huge Hell Boy figure(he’s not my thing, but I’ll find him a good home).  One of Hell Boy’s feet was broken at the ankle(I’m guessing this happened during transit, as it was directly below where it was attached).  You’ll also see Frankenstein from The Real Ghostbusters line.  I already have this figure, but this is an upgrade compared to mine, so I swapped them out.  There is also a Snake Eyes figure(25th anniversary?), that came with tons of guns, swords, knives and even an extra head.  The extra head has Snake Eyes in his classic “knight” helmet(the one he’s currently sporting is the goggles version).  Rounding out the group is a character from Chicken Run(I believe), which is going to my friend Mike(he loves chickens).

The Ecto-1 is a welcome addition to my collection, because up until this point, there wasn’t one in the collection.  The Transformers are (I believe), Spy Changers.  I already have the Optimus Prime(my buddy Mike already took him), and I believe the translucent one is Ironhide.  I only say that because, I have a Ironhide that is the same scale, same mold and has the same transformation process, but has a drastically different color scheme.  Take a gander.

It looks like we have fraternal twins, huh?!  You might also be able to say the same for the next two.

You all have heard how much I like the new Thundercats series, and here are two figures I did not yet have.  Jboy sent both the frail mummy version of Mumm-Ra and Mumm-Ra “The Ever-Living”.  Both came with their version of Lion-O’s claw shield(one part of the show I’m not sure I like).  The mummy version came with the dagger version  of the Sword of Omens, and bad-ass Mumm-Ra came with, what looks like a variation of the full-size Sword of Omens.  I now only need Tygra and Wilykit to finish off my “Cats’ team(maybe finish the first wave, unless there’s a Grune in this scale).

Sadly, we’re almost done.  We have one more item, but it’s a doozy.  It’s my favorite item of everything that Jboy sent me.

It’s Beetlejuice!!  I can’t find any stampings(I did a quick once over so I may have missed it), but I’m sure this is the NECA release.  The detail and likeness is great, and definitely looks more high-end compared to every other figure in my collection.  Beetlejuice is in my top ten movies, so I’m really digging this figure.  I also love the miniature Handbook for the Recently Deceased(again, amazing detail).

Jboy you did it again!!  🙂

11 Responses to “Another Great Package From Jboypacman”

  1. Am sorry the Hellboy was broken when you got him Jason. I should of packed him better.

    The BeetleJuice is indeed a NECA release and i knew you needed the Mumm-Ra’s so am glad you hadn’t bought them before i got them too you.

    Wasn’t for sure on the Ecto-1 or Frankie but i know you love things like these much as i do so am glad you can use them. : )

  2. That Beetlejuice toy is sweet! That movie is definitely in my top 30 somewhere. Speaking of which, they’re constructing some sort of Beetlejuice attraction at CityWalk in Orlando. We were looking at it this weekend trying to figure out what the hell it was. I should’ve snapped a pic. Hope you’re feeling better now and awesome grab-bag, Jboy!

    • I’m feeling much better now. Yes the Beetlejuice figure is awesome(you can see why it’s my favorite). You have got to learn to bring a camera with you on any excursion. You’ll never know when it may come in handy.

  3. Very cool Jason!

  4. I want the Mumm-Ra’s! Come to think of it, I want any Thunder Cats related merchandise. I am poor and I love toys, I can’t ever afford them, it sucks.

    I am envious of you.

    I still virtually worship the shirt I won from you.

  5. Man, that Beetlejuice figure is cool!! Hate to ask price, but expensive?

    I found your blog after following a link from FamicomBlog. If you don’t mind, I wouldn’t mind adding your blog to my blogroll as I know there will be guys who read my blog interested in your stuff.

    Keep the content coming! 🙂

    • The Beetlejuice was actually a gift from one of my buddies(Jboypacman of Revenge From the Cosmic Ark). I believe you should be able to find the figure for around $20(it’s by NECA).

      I don’t mind you adding me at all. And I will keep the good stuff rolling. 😉

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