3 Most Welcome Additions

Today, 2 of the 3 Ebay purchases I’ve made arrived in my mailbox(the third purchase is a box of hockey cards, so I’m sure you don’t care).  These were not impulse buys.  Rather, they were on my mental list, and the prices were fair enough.

First, here’s a character, who is more of an accessory.

This is Joe Eyeball.  Muckman’s sidekick(TMNT).  He’s one of only a few mini-sidekicks I had during TMNT’s domination of the world, which, of course, means I have a special place in my heart for this little guy.  He looks like he’d be a pretty cool guy to chill with.  Now all I need is Muckman’s garbage can backpack for Joe to be displayed perfectly.

But the next two figures are the ones I’ve been looking forward to most.

On the left, we have Six-Gill.  And on the right, we have Hammerhead(not very original on this one).  For those of you wondering, these figures are from Dino-Riders.  I had one or two of the dinosaurs, but I had 5 times as many of the figures.  You see, not only did these figures come with the dinosaur sets, they were also available in by themselves in 2 figure packs.  Six-Gill is the one I had most as a child.  I only remember this because he was paired with Orion(a good human), and Orion was my brother’s figure of choice whenever we came across the line(although my brother pronounced Orion as “Oar-ee-on”).  That was okay, because I thought shark people were far cooler than a generic looking human.

For so long I would always be outbid for just a single figure.  But I got lucky and found a by Buy it Now for this lot of 2 for the nice price of $6.00 + $1.75 shipping.  I’m going to try and get the other hammerhead shark figures(there are a few).

10 Responses to “3 Most Welcome Additions”

  1. For curiosity’s sake, what hockey cards did you get? I’m a sport card collector first, it’s what my blog’s main focus is, and a toy acquirer second. I don’t collect much hockey but I’ve had the urge and bought a few packs here and there. Let me know your favorite team and maybe I can send a few your way.

    • I bought a sealed box of 90-91 Upper Deck hockey(first year for Upper Deck). They’re one of my favorite sets, and are sentimental to me. I only have a few cards left from this set, and I have been getting the itch(I buy packs every now and then), to bust some packs. As for my team, I’m a life-long NY Rangers fan, and would greatly appreciate if you sent soem cards my way. And thanks for visiting.

  2. Oh and I remember those shark figures growing up. I didn’t own any but I remember seeing them.

  3. Those shark guys are the coolest looking Jason i really like them.

    • Thanks Jboy. I figured that of all people, you would like these guys, as you seem to gravitate towrds the smaller figures. Like I said, I’ve been outbid many times in the past on single figures, so a decent Buy it Now was the way to go for me.

  4. Don’t you just love great deals on eBay.Whenever you can pay less than 3 dollars for shipping you know it’s a good deal,granted these are smaller figures but still. I’ve been looking at some of these myself but haven’t pulled the trigger on any of them yet.Great finds!

    • I wasted no time in clicking the Buy it Now icon! I wish you luck in your quest of getting some of these guys. These figures have been on my mind for years, so it’s nice to have a couple for the collection.

  5. so what! i still pronounce it as “oar-ee-on”
    mutha fucka!LOL

  6. I love Dino-Riders! Congrats on the good deal.

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