One of My All-Time Favorite Figures

This here is Fat Frenchy.  He was part of the Refrigerator Rejects, from the Food Fighters line.  While not as wildly popular as many other 80s toy lines, they are some of the coolest and most interesting looking toys from best decade for action figures.  I would love to get more from this line, or actually, get the complete line.  I scored this guy on the Bay about 4 years ago, for like, $3.00.  Expect to pay no less than 10 bucks most of the time.  The figures came with guns and back packs(like G.I. Joe), which mine is sadly missing(alhough he is now holding that sweet Lamb of God guitar pick).  Fat Frenchy is one of my favorites because I love the idea of anthropomorphic food.  And this was the one and only Food Fighter I owned when I was a kid.

Food you can play with.  🙂

7 Responses to “One of My All-Time Favorite Figures”

  1. I thought they were always cool Jason. : )

  2. At first glance I thought this was the french fry Transformer from McDonalds, which was the best McDonalds toy of all time. I have a vague memory of the Food Fighters, but this guy looks pretty rad.

  3. I remember Food Fighters!The burger stands out in my mind.The 80’s did have some of the sickest action figures and toys 😉
    BTW your package should be arriving within the next couple of days.I know they’ll look great next to your other T.M.N.T. figures!

    I have Short Stack with blue berry syrup…lol

    I really wish I would have kept them all. I always teamed up The Kitchen Commandos with The Refrigerator Rejects to take on all my Barnyard Commandos. I don’t know why…but food vs animals just felt right. ^_^

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