Easy Go, Easy Come

I reversed the “come” and “go” in the title for a resaon.  It’s actually quite fitting, you see.

Recently, I sold most of my Lego stuff(one of my smaller collections), on Ebay.  The only thing I kept was an AT-AT pilot.

At work, we had our annual Christmas party, and had a Chinese auction-type gift exchange.  I ended up receiving a $5.00 Wal-Mart gift card and some scratch-off lottery tickets.  I went to Wal-Mart a few days after Christmas and looked all over the store for something.  There was nothing in any section that peaked my interest.  And the toy aisles are pretty much a let down.  But I did find something.

I only had to pay short of two dollars out of pocket for this.  How could I pass it up?!

George(the AT-AT pilot), is going to help his new friend put together a shrine.  The Venomari Shrine, to be exact.  86 pieces of awesomeness!!

Here we see George introduce himself to the man he is about to help.  His name is Zane ZX(he’s since been renamed.  He now goes by Ernest, or Ernie for short).

George and Ernest toiled for 5 hours(about 5 minutes our time), to erect the shrine.  But the results were really cool(which is the reason why I bought something from a line I just cut down drastically).

Maybe I’ll just have to be a little more particular when it comes to Legos.  Because I find little sets like this to be pretty sweet!  I would love to find one of the smaller pirate Lego sets from the early to mid-ninties.


8 Responses to “Easy Go, Easy Come”

  1. Very nice Jason and yeah i like the smaller sets too. They are very easy on the wallet and you get as much fun out of them as you would a larger set. : )

  2. Ahhh- got some Ninjago & Hero Factory Robots for my nephew- he loved them!

  3. If Ernest rocked a pair of chucks instead of a Ninjato, I’d definitely hunt this set down after work.

  4. Ninjago sets look pretty sick.Can’t wait to pick up my first set!

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