TMNT Days #4, The Finale

I saved the best for last.  Not only is it my favorite character, but it’s my favorite representation of that character as well.

My wife bought this for me(at my request), for my birthday back in 2008.  I believe it cost around $14.99 at the time, which is a bargain compared to what some people are now asking for them.

TMNT is one of my favorite toylines as well as my favorite comic series(the early Mirage stuff is the best).  And these figures are the nicest representations of the Turtles I have ever seen.  Don’t get me wrong…I got into TMNT the same way most of you did.  I was about 9 years old when the cartoon and subsequent toyline came about.  It was when I started to get heavily into comics(when I was around 11 or 12), that I was introduced to the real Turtles.  And these figures are spot on from how they looked in those old comics.  Each Turtle came with their trademark weapons, a few accessories(like extra hands etc.) and a piece of a base that, when all connected together, made a nice diorama of a city street.  I’d like to get the other 3 and open all of them.  But as of right now, I don’t see any reason to open it.  It looks nice in the package(NECA did a great job on this as well), and I really don’t have any more room to display stuff(I may have to start swapping out figures every now and then).

8 Responses to “TMNT Days #4, The Finale”

  1. Wow!I have never seen these before.They are probably going for alot on Ebay.Awesome looking turtle.It would have really been cool if they released B&W variants as well.

    • Amazingly enough, there was a set of black & white Turtles released. You should be able to get the 4 pack of them cheaper than just one of the colored ones. Last time I checked, you could get the 4 pack for around $60. I’ve had my eye on them for a while, but never have the cash when they actually come to mind.

  2. Am not doing Ninja Turtles anymore but i do want a set of these. : )

  3. Great looking toy! I think I’m in agreement with you–they do look better than the traditional, cartoon-based figures.

    • Absolutely! I’m a fan of all things TMNT. And while I love the old-school cartoon(and toys for that matter), the comic-originals are my favorites. When are you gonna start writing again Bobby?! 🙂

      • Hmmm writing again…I’ll try to ramp it up again. I suck at sticking to it. Maybe I’ll revisit my resolutions from last year and see how I failed miserably :). Playing with the snow graphics on your site is destracting me. Back to work!

  4. I just looked online and to my surprise they did make a B&w version of these figures!Thanks for the heads up on these amazing looking figs!

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