TMNT Days #2

Who’s next?

This is an April O’Neil from 1990.  I won this in a lot of TMNT stuff on Ebay, about a year or so ago.

As you can see from the figure assortment on the back, TMNT was huge at this time.  Unlike the 25th anniversary figures, the artwork on the front of this card features only April.  With the newer cards, there are a few different characters on the front, and every card is the same.  There were a few variations of this figure with no stripes on the pants, or different color stripes on the pants.  The one I have is the most common variation.  It’s not one of the Turtles, but I’m happy to have it in my collection.

Look at that!  2 days in a row!!  🙂

9 Responses to “TMNT Days #2”

  1. Go old April how she put with the Turtles a lot of times is beyond me lol.

  2. Nice!That packaging seems to be in tip top shape after all those years!jboypac sent me a few T.M.N.T. figures a little while back.I’ll have to post about them soon.Were there any particular figures from the line that you were looking for.

    • Well, I’m looking for Slash, as mine fell of the shelf and his head broke off. And I’m looking for more of the other characters, not different variations on the turtles(for now anyway). The header you see on my blog is my TMNT collection. There are a lot of Turtle variations that are not displayed, as I don’t have the roo right now. So, I’m pretty much looking for any character you don’t see. I do have Dirtbag and Shredder(I need his cape though), but they’re not displayed yet.

  3. O.K. of the lot that jbp sent me there are three that i’ll be willing to pass on to you if you needed them.The three are Wingnut (W/O wings or Screwloose),Walkabout(W/O any weapons) and Groundchuck(W/O any weapons).

    • I need all 3 of them. I’d really appreciate you sending them my way. If you can let me know stuff that you collect, I’d be happy to try and return the favor. Thanks.

  4. Don’t worry about sending me anything JV it’s all good 😉
    I’m not sure if you can go into your dashboard to get my E-Mail address.If you can drop me your mailing address.I probably won’t ship the items until a little after Christmas but you can count on their arrival!I just saw your cool T.M.N.T. collection and thought these three guys would fit in nicely 🙂

  5. Hi there! This has nothing to do with your post but i feel like you could maybe help!? As a X-MAS gift, i’ve been looking for a 1989 Applause hanging BATMAN figurine, that’s attched to a suction cup. They were small, came in 3, a Batman, Joker, and a Robin. Have the Joker, and have been relentlessly searching for other two, if you have any ideas please feel free to help, any suggestions at all would be awesome! Thanks,


    • Thanks for stopping by Sabrina! 🙂 The item(s) in question sound so familiar, but I do not have any information on them. I might of had all of them at one point during my childhood, but I can’t be sure. If I find out any additional information, I’ll try to let you know.

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