Cybertronian Soundwave

I’ve been sitting on this for a little while.  Obviously.

I have a backlog of toys that need to be opened and reviewed.  Out of the six or so Transformers I have on deck, this is the one I was most anxious to get to.  Soundwave here, like a few others, is in his Cybertronian mode(like the others, I believe this is based on the version in “The War for Cybertron” video game).

And he looks freakin’ sweet!

While in robot mode, he is reminiscent to his G1 look.  But in his alternate mode, that’s not the case.  Just look.

It does look pretty intimidating.  If I didn’t know that this was a Transformer, I would think that it was a retooled Thundertank(which is awesome).  This isn’t as iconic as his G1 walkman mode, but it’s still very cool.  As is this…

His gun and shoulder cannon can be stored behind his chest/windshield.   Very cool indeed.

I rounded up the rest of my Soundwaves for a group shot, just because I thought it would be fun.  But I’ll let you be the judge.



7 Responses to “Cybertronian Soundwave”

  1. The Cybertronian Soundwave is definitely the coolest of the 4 imo and that’s probably because he looks more like the 80’s version .

    • It’s definitely my favorite out of the ones I have. Although Transformers Animated is a different story. I think the designs for that line were awesome, I take them as something different compared to all other Transformers. While G1 and G1 inspired figures will always be my preference, I still like the style of the animated series as well.

  2. He has a “Alt” mode of a sort of Cybertronian BoomBox. If you check around online there should be pictures up of it.

    • I was unaware of that Jboy. I have interest in playing the game, but I just don’t have a “newer” system to play it on (yet). But I did do a little searching, and I must say that that is very cool. It is not exactly like the reference the used, but It’s pretty damn close!

  3. Best way i could describe it. : )

  4. While not my favorite version of Soundwave this particular version is quite nice. Hasbro did a great job capturing his video game likeness in plastic.

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