2011 Panthro

So, I held off this long with my latest review for the new Thundercats figures.

Today’s entry is Panthro.

These figures typically run for $7.99(this example ran me $8.99), and you’re getting a figure that’s in scale with the Marvel Universe figures.  But these figures come with accessories.  Panthro comes with 2 pairs of nunchuks.  One is a pair that can be used for action poses.  And the other is a pair that you can attach to his back, to complete the look of them being stored when not in use.

The new nunchuks aren’t as iconic as the original blue and red ‘chuks, but the handles retain the the basic design of the originals.  There was just something about the red and blue handles that spoke to me(which may explain why I like old-school blue and red 3-D glasses).

I plan on getting the rest of the “Cats” in the near future, but here’s my team so far.

5 Responses to “2011 Panthro”

  1. Nice! I need to buy a few more of these soon. I have just Mumm-Ra in this scale .

  2. I can’t believe I’ve had this figure now for a couple of months and haven’t opened him yet! Same goes for his 6 inch version. I’ve got to finish re-organizing my room so I can finally open these toys!

  3. Very cool!I picked this guy up a little while ago as well and wasn’t disappointed.I’m diggin’ the 80’s Panthro!

  4. Ooh, that looks neat. I wish I had the money to buy toys like that! 😦

  5. Damn near bout this awhile back- very cool figure!

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