Speak Up!

With the last few posts, I have noticed that my numbers have been down.  The only reason I can think why this is , is that you guys don’t like the new Thundercats.  While that sucks if that’s the case, I would like to write stuff that also interests my readers.  I will warn you that my next post will most likely be another Thundercats figure.  But, I will try to hold off on that.  What would you guys like to read about(stuff that I normally write about anyway)?

Maybe some old-school video games?


7 Responses to “Speak Up!”

  1. No, I like it all! For one, I have to fill out 3 blanks to comment, and sometimes I’m just looking in passing real quick. I sometimes will work for HOURS on a post (often actually), and NO ONE comments! lol! But ultimately, I do it for ME, and I can see folks are looking at the individual posts on Blogger- it gives pretty detailed stats. Keep it going- THE AUDIENCE IS WATCHING/LISTENING 🙂 Keep it FUN!

  2. Don’t worry about the lack of comments. Blogger’s stats show me that several of my posts have tons a hits with no comments while other posts that have few hits have a few comments.

    Sometimes people just don’t have anything to contribute. Others simply like to “lurk” when reading blogs.

    I enjoy just about everything you post. Old school games would be cool. I was thinking about that the other day too as I was moving and reconnecting all of my video game systems.

  3. I like all your posts Jason so keep showing the toys new and old my friend. : )

  4. LOL, actually I never was a fan of the Thundercats, so posts about retro video games would of course interest me:)

  5. Write what interests you. Your enthusiasm for your reviews are why I enjoy reading your posts. As for the lack of comments, my work recently blocked most blogs, so I haven’t been making my rounds as often. Seems they actually want us to work at work! Adulthood sucks ass sometimes. Thundercats, Nintendo, comics, Transformers, all of it is awesome.

  6. Oooh.. Old school NES! Wow, I haven’t seen one of those since mine died way back in like 1999 – Shit. That’s awesome. I like the ThunderCats and the toys fine but there’s just not a lot to be said about them.

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