2011 Lion-O

I finally found them.  The new Thundercats toys.

I have been looking for these figures since I heard of their release.  It seems like Toys R Us is the only place stocked with them so far.  I’ve not seen them at Target or Wal-Mart.  This particular Toys R Us had at least one of every figure in different scales.  The only figure they did not have was the classic Lion-O(the one I wanted most).  They did have the classic Tygra(which I purchased), but we’re here to talk about the new figures.

It was a tough decision(I wanted them all), so I got the 4 inch Lion-O.

The scale of these figures are on par with G.I. Joe and Marvel Universe figures.  On the back of the card, you can see the other figures available in the series.

 I think they all look fantastic.  I wish I could’ve picked up the others, but these were $7.99(not bad), and the larger ones were $19.99(and the deluxe ones were $14.99).  The figures have nice detailing and they look just about identical to how they look in the cartoon.  I think the show is pretty good as well(when is there going to be a new episode?).

Lion-O comes with the claw shield, a dagger version of the Sword of Omens as well as a full length version of the legendary sword.  My only gripe is that you can’t store the claw shield on the figure’s side.  But at least you can store the dagger in the claw shield while Lion-O is wearing it.  While not in the new show, the Thundercats logo on the belt is a nice touch(could this be a nod to us old-school fans?).


I plan on getting the rest of these.  Hopefully they’ll be around for a little.  And if I’m fortunate enough, maybe I’ll get one of the many Cats Lairs they had(it’s awesome!).  If you’re a fan of Thundercats and the new show, you’ll be a fan of these figures.

One Response to “2011 Lion-O”

  1. I have the Mumm-Ra which i like but i need to pick-up more of these soon. Too bad on not getting the Classics Lion-O he is great!

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