Sorry for the recent lack of activity, but I’ve been dealing with some stuff as of late.  Truthfully, I haven’t even thought about writing for the past few days(with the exception of last night).  I know that i get disappointed when sites and blogs that I frequent, aren’t updated.  So I’m sure there are a few of you thinking, “what the hell?!”.  Maybe I should do more “Random Quickies”, or even just a quick picture, so I don’t burn myself out.  I do like writing and posting articles, so no worries, I’m not going to stop anytime soon.

I do have a few things to share, that I’m hoping to get posted tonight.  I’m sure I’ll get my groove back, as my favorite holiday is rapidly approaching.

The Halloween season is my favorite time of the year(with Christmas a close second).  Hopefully, I can get a bunch of Halloween related posts started soon.  But first, I’ll have to work on a new post for tonight.  To hold you over ’til then, here’s an evil pic of the animated Beetlejuice(from Google images.  Not sure of the original website it came from though).

2 Responses to “Later…maybe?”

  1. No worries Jason just take care of things and start posting again when the time is right for you buddy.

  2. I remembered that I have to complete my comics from Marvel Avengers “Secret Invasion”.

    UUuhhh, I love to read about toys found in garage sales 😀 😀 😀

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