Last of the Yard Sales?

For the last month or so, yard/garage/tag sales have been pretty scarce.  At least from what I’ve seen.

But, I did happen to stumble across one this past weekend.  And the funny thing was, that I have been to this guy’s garage sales 2 summers before this!  And as you will see, he hasn’t run out of stuff to sell me.  In fact, if he has another sale, I had my eye on a “Pepsi Challenge” button.

The Pepsi items were bought from this gentleman,  while the Mac Tonight mug was scored at Richie Rich’s(he let me take it for free).  I am a huge fan of old-school Pepsi items, typically from the 80’s through the early 90’s.  The Pepsi Christmas cup is too cool!  I plan on making this the cup I will most use this coming holiday season.  The Pepsi can is from an old summer promotion Pepsi had back in the 1990.  This was one of 4 designs that came out.  I’m sure if you see the other ones, you’ll have no problem remembering them.  Check out this interesting tidbit on Snopes(I found this out through X-E, years ago).  The car is stamped 1980, and it’s a Chevy Pro Stocker(they couldn’t just call it a stock car?).  But the cooler name of Pepsi Challenger(much better) is on the body of the car.  It rolls smoothly and fast.

And I actually like that it looks played with.

While there were no other sales to be found, I did pick up a couple of comics from the comic shop that I spoke of 2 posts ago.

As is the case with the last batch of comics that I bought, these were bought primarily for reading.  And anyway, I don’t care if every single one of the comics that I own isn’t in pristine condition.  I find the Amazing Spider-Man cover to be quite attractive.  Holograms were a HUGE deal back in the day.  And I still find them to be really cool in any format.  I know I’ve seen a blue cover exactly like this, but I don’t know if it was the same issue, or a variant or what(anyone know what I’m talking about?).  The Marvel Tales starring Spider-Man is no where near good condition, and this time, reading was the secondary reason that I purchased this.

As alot of you know, I’m a big fan of old-school comic book ads.  Whether they’re for toys, cartoons, video games or food and candy.  I’m a fan of it all!  And the ad on the back cover of the Marvel Tales, has a really awesome ad!

Isn’t it awesome?!  I was thinking, since the comic is such poor condition, I just may frame this beautiful ad.  This is from 1982, which was a year or 2 before I got into G.I. Joe.  The top portion looks just like the file cards that were on the back of every figure and vehicle(and are still to this day)  The other ads within could make an appearance, should I decide to continue the old-school comic ads…which I am!

6 Responses to “Last of the Yard Sales?”

  1. Some good finds. I was just reading the last few posts and saw those Robin covers. Jesus, those covers. I remember when that first came out, I had to have EVERY SINGLE ONE. I wonder how much hard earned money I actually spent on all that crap.

  2. Yup they are winding down here too Jason with the cooler weather moving in but you got some great finds there sort of a nice way to end the yard sale season.

  3. I’ve got the blue cover variety of that Spider man 30th Anniversary book. Love the Pepsi swag!

  4. Nice haul! That Amazing Spider-Man with the hologram was one of the first comics I bought. It was meant to commemorate Spidey’s 30th anniversary, and you’re right about a green one. In fact, there were four: black, red, blue, and green – one for each of the ongoing Spidey titles at the time. I have all of them in a longbox somewhere, but I believe they were Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, and just Spider-Man.

  5. Great finds. The G.I JOE thing is so campy and ridiculous, the Spiderman comic is just cool and the Pepsi stuff.. Man that’s probably pretty rare stuff to find. Well done.

  6. Cool Pepsi finds. That can design is great; when multiple cans are stacked, it spells S-E-X. I believe Pepsi claimed they didn’t intend for that. Yeah right.

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