Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Playset

Well, this is a first for me.  This marks the first time that I have purchased an action figure playset.

While growing up, my brother and I had tons of action figures for many lines, but we never had the playsets to go with them(well, we did get the wood beetle playset from Battle Beasts.  But that was the only one).  Now, they weren’t essential, but they would have added a bit of credibility to our play sessions.  So it wasn’t a big deal that we never got any playset for our action figures.  And in the eighties, we had a lot of great playsets.  We had Castle Grayskull(Masters of the Universe), Cat’s Lair(Thundercats), The Sewer Playset(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), The Hyve(Sectaurs)…and the seven foot long USS Flagg(G.I. Joe).  Now all of these playsets(and many others), are all very nice and would make a great addition to any collection.  But out of all the playsets that were released when I was a kid, this was the one that I wanted the most.

I ended up scoring a specimen that included the box it originally came in.  The price that I paid would have been fair if I only got the playset and the box.  But also included, were all but 3 figures from the whole line! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So let’s meet the gang.

From left to right-Reba the mail lady, Pee-Wee Herman, Miss Yvonne and Ricardo.  The two humans I don’t have are Cowboy Curtis and the King of Cartoons.

And every other character, except Conky!  We have Randy, Jambi, Chairy, Globey, Magic Screen, The Puppetland Band(Dirty Dog, Chicky Baby and Cool Cat), and Pterri.

It even came with Pee-Wee’s Scooter(which was included with the set when it was released), and his helmet.

The box is a little over two feet long, and the Playhouse itself is just a few inches shorter.

And as you’ll see in a moment, when you unfold it, it’s even bigger.  I had a lot of fun photographing this.  There is a lot of stuff from the show built into this, and we’ll check it out first hand.

The first thing you’ll notice is the trademark door.  That is a friggin’ awesome door!(there’s a great article over at X-Entertainment regarding the playhouse.  It’s actually one of my favorites.  Check it out here.)  To the left of the awesome door is Mr. Window, who has a lever to make it looks like he’s talking.  And to the awesome door’s right are the dancing flowers that also have a lever to move them side to side.

There’s Clockey and the two talking fish.  Clockey has movable hands(but it’s one piece, so they move simultaneously), and the fish sticker is lenticular, which gives the illusion of movement.  So, so, awesome.

The refrigerator and freezer doors open to reveal the anthropomorphic food we’d see whenever Pee-Wee opened the fridge or freezer.  On the show, they were brought to life with stop-motion claymation.

They even built in Floory.  It all would have added to the realism.

The table(which Globey is sitting on), and bench were also included.

Other accessories were the purple island couch, the t.v. set and platforms for Jambi and the Puppetland band.  Other things of interest include the Cowntess, the little statue Pee-Wee would turn to open the secret wall compartment that housed his scooter as well as the opening wall itself.

This gets a 10 out of 10 in my book.  Matchbox did so many things right with this.  There were other characters on the show, that didn’t get the action figure treatment.  But a gentleman by the name of Ben Zurawski made a custom set of the rest of the cast, including, Mr. Kite, the dinosaur family and Roger the monster.  He also made Magic Glasses and Picture Phone.  You can read about all of them here.  For now, this will be displayed in it’s box, because I don’t have enough room to display it in all it’s glory(the figures will be displayed, of course).  And who doesn’t love old-school packaging anyway?  With any luck, I’ll find the three figures I need, and have my first complete action figure line(that’s kind of cool).

I was out and about in town today, and I stumbled into the local Dollar General.  9.5 times out of 10, I’ll end up walking out empty handed, unless I happen to be thirsty, in which case, I end up buying a drink.  But there was a sale, with me getting both of these for a total of $5.40(that’s with tax).

They’re “Legends” class, but they’re also 25th anniversary(that was 2 years ago).  These will stay sealed, just like the other two 25th Anniversary Mini-Cons that I have.

A few days ago, I ended up buying 11 comic books.  I have bought maybe, 5 comics in the last 5+ years.  I’ll tell you the story in a few days.  We’ll talk comics.

11 Responses to “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Playset”

  1. that playset is indescribably GREAT! Congratulations on that awesome score, Man-

  2. Ah thats what you got in the mail Jason i would of never guessed too awesome! congrats on the set.

  3. Really great find with the Pee-Wee playset, Jason! That’s a pretty good deal for it to come with all those figures. 🙂

    I only had one playset growing up, the TMNT Sewer Base, but it was awesome. I always wanted to find one of the He-Man playsets as well, they always looked so cool.

    • A fantastic deal! I would like to get the Sewer Playset as well, but I’ll have to hold out on future playsets, as I just don’t have room for them. If I can get off my ass and put all the stuff I want to put on Ebay, that may make some room. 🙂

  4. Cool toy but to be perfectly honest, Pee Wee Herman always freaked me out a bit. Not in the sense that ‘oh my god this guy is strange’, in the sense that he always seemed genuinely scary in some strange way. Only thing I ever liked him in was that Cheech and Chong movie, he was the HAMBURGAAAH MAN. He wasn’t sorry after all.

    • That’s sad. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse was a groundbreaking show. Pee-Wee is awesome in my opinion. But I did like seeing him doing coke with Chong and of course his HAMBURGAAAH MAN phrase.

  5. I saw the original Pee Wee’s Playhouse on HBO a few months ago and was floored by its greatness. The kids show never did much for me, but that playset is SWEET! I saw somebody dressed as the green headed TV person-thing at DragonCon and had no idea who it was. I got my picture with her anyway because the costume was so awesome.

  6. Christ, that playset is HUGE! I hope you get the rest of the set.

    My cousin had Castle Greyskull, cobra Command Center, and the WWF ring for those solid rubber wrestlers, among others. He was a lucky bastard.

  7. I never had any decent playset for my Playmobiles (the onlu ones “Action Figures” I had as a child).

    Now i’m an adult and I have a LARGE collection of action figures and plastic animals. But not decent playset…

    Then I Improved: I used my house’s garden, plantpots, cardboard, computer pieces, old barbie furniture, empty shelves… now I have decent playsets built by me 😀 😀 😀

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