A Lego Mini Figure, Marvel Universe Mighty Beanz and New Additions to My Video Game Collection

Well, I think that is my longest title for a post ever.  I know I’ve been away for a little while, so it’s no surprise that I have a lot to show you.  And this isn’t even everything!

While I’ve purchased a few of the Mega-Bloks’ blind bag Marvel Universe mini-figures, I have never bought any of the Lego blind bagged figures.  After seeing them in Wal-Mart again on Monday, I finally gave in.  I was hoping to get either the mad scientist or the Frankenstein monster, but I ended up with this guy.

It’s not a bad figure, it’s just not one of my first 5 choices.  This was an impulse buy, so I had no time to research the codes online.  These are about 50 cents more than the Mega-Bloks mini figures, so they’re a pretty decent deal(even though you can get one of the smaller Lego sets with a mini figure for about $5.00).  I’m not huge into these, but now my Snow Trooper mini figures have another friend besides the space cop, alien and Prince of Persia figures currently in my collection.

While in Target on Monday, I discovered these Marvel Universe Mighty Beanz.  Now, while I wouldn’t have bought these under normal circumstances, these were on clearance for$1.24 per 4-pack!  There were three 4-packs left, but I limited myself to just 1.  You have a chance to get Iron Man characters, which are exclusive to Target.  While you get to see one of the Beanz inside the packaging, the other 3 are blind-boxed.  The visible Bean in my pack was Professor X.  I don’t know if that’s the same with all packs because I was blinded by the incredibly low clearance price.

Besides Professor X, I got Spider-Man(Mighty Bean #1), Black Panther(I thought Black Panther was male), and Col. James Rhodes(one of the Iron Man exclusives).  The checklist shows that both Spider-Man and Professor X are commons, Black Panther is rare, but Col. james Rhodes isn’t on the master checklist on the back of the blister card.  After a little research on the web, I found that he is an ultra rare.  The number and part of his name are missing from my bean, but that’s okay.

And lastly…my latest video game additions.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(PS2), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:Battlenexus(PS2), Mega Man Anniversary Collection(Gamecube), NBA Jam:Tournament Edition(SNES) and Karnov(NES), were all given to me from my good friend Rob.  I ended up getting Hot Hots Golf 2(PS1) for free when I purchased Pinball Quest(NES) at Jay Street Games in Colonie Center.  And I actually traded Rob my Mega Man Anniversary Collection for PS2 to for his Gamecube version(he’s more of a Playstation loyalist, where Nintendo is my favorite).

All in all, it’s been a pretty good summer so far.  Stay tuned for a toy review in some time in the near future.

9 Responses to “A Lego Mini Figure, Marvel Universe Mighty Beanz and New Additions to My Video Game Collection”

  1. jboypacman Says:

    Awesome grabs Jason congrats buddy. : )

  2. Curious…how large is your video game collection?

    • That’s a good question. I might just have to do a post about that. For NES games alone, I have around 200. For SNES I have 35-40. Game Boy, probably around 20 or so. PS1, about 15-20. PS2, 20-30. Gamecube, around 20. Genesis, only 3 or 4(I sold most of them because I didn’t have any cords or controllers. I actually was able to find the cords and 1 controller for $6.00 this past weekend). N64, 10 or 11. And Atari, about 15 or so.

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  4. That’s a nice game haul there. The first TMNT game was pretty good, and while I own BattleNexus I haven’t actually played it yet. I also got the Mega Man collection for Gamecube being more of a Nintendo guy, but I’ve got to warn you, for some crazy reason they reversed the jump and fire buttons from what they’d traditionally be, and even from what they are on the PS2 version. And there’s no way to reassign them. It adds a bit of extra challenge to an already challenging series.

  5. I remember those Marvel Beanz toys. I once worked in the toy department in a department store in 2005 and Mighty Beans were the current fad. They’d tumble uncontrollably – I forgot if there was a game or something involved. Yeah, as far I know, Blank Panther is definitely a man. Maybe his wife borrows the suit on weekends.

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    […]A Lego Mini Figure, Marvel Universe Mighty Beanz and New Additions to My Video Game Collection « Jasonvorhees's Blog[…]…

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