Movie Ticket Stubs and Ronald McDonald

Going to the movies is a popular thing in America.  It’s something that almost everyone has in common.  The one difference is, the movies each individual chooses to see.  I always try to remember to save my stubs, as they bring back memories of the time.  So let’s take a look at some of the movies I went out to see in the last 12 years.

Some of these are good movies.  Others not so much.  The Episode 1 stub seems to be the most worn, but it’s not the oldest of the lot.  That distinction is held by The Other Sister.  I went to see that for the wrong reason, but I still enjoyed it.  I remember faking sickness to get out of work to go see Scream 3 with my friends(and specifically wanting to see the movie because I heard Jay and Silent Bob had a cameo in the movie).  It looks like I saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 2 days after it hit theaters.  I remember not liking Memento, Vanilla Sky, From Hell and The Others.  I haven’t seen any of those movies since they were in theaters, so my opinion may be different today.  A few other things of note: I saw the remake of Friday the 13th on it’s opening night, which was on a Friday the 13th.  And The Green Mile is the only movie I can remember going to that actually had an intermission half way through the movie.  I could probably recall at least one memory with each of these movies, but I don’t think I’m up to the task of that magnitude.

And Ronald McDonald

I got this signed by the the Ronald McDonald.  I think it was back in ’06.  The McDonald’s I used to work at, was having a grand re-opening, and Ronald was being flown in to be there for the festivities.  Employees had an opportunity to get their picture taken with Ronald, and get an autograph.  The previous header to this blog was the picture I got taken with Ronnie.  He had a couple of pictures of himself and I asked for him to autograph one for me, which you can see he did(he even drew a caricature of himself).

4 Responses to “Movie Ticket Stubs and Ronald McDonald”

  1. jboypacman Says:

    Movie tickets like toys or comic books or even music really do bring back memories. Awesome on the Ronald picture i bet you had a fun time meeting up with him. : )

  2. I used to work at a movie theatre back in 2001 and I also have a stack of stubs every movie I saw that year. Going off the top of my head, I’d say A.I. and The Planet of the Apes were some of my favourites.

    I’m actually amused and surprised to hear that there was an intermission during The Green Mile. Why? What did you guys do?

  3. Here in the UK when I was a kid (during the 1980’s) there used to be a guaranteed intermission for all ‘regular length’ movies as well as epic ‘long’ movies where an intermission is needed.
    Cinemas also used to show cartoons prior to the main feature and not just for child friendly movies, all movies.
    Those days are sadly over.
    Now we get the same boring commericials selling cars, deodorant, mobile phones etc as you would find on normal TV prior to the forthcoming movie trailers & main feature.
    In the good old days of ‘Intermission’ you could buy ice creams from the old lady usher with the torch actually in the theatre.
    Now you have to load yourself with food & beverages before entering the theatre, hope you don’t need to answer the call of nature and stick a nicotene patch on any available limb because you can’t ask the theatre to pause the movie whilst you buy more food, have a slash or sly a quick fag.
    I digress…
    The last intermission came with Peter Jackson’s King Kong a few years ago… and it was a real novelty! I expected an intermission during Avatar due to it’s running time but there was not one. In my book, an intermission is part of the fabric of a night at the pictures.
    Nostalgic rant over 🙂

    • elcroz: Thanks for the info. I’ve never experienced watching a movie with an intermission. At first, I assumed it was a nuisance but, from what you describe, it actually adds to the film-going atmosphere. Very interesting. Perhaps, there is some old-school cinema that you’ll find one night, that still does that stuff!

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