Random Quickie #5 – 1984 G1 Megatron Instruction Manual

“Instruction Booklet” would be a more correct term.  But anyway.  We’ll take a look back to how even instruction manuals in the eighties were cool.

If you’ve read any of my Transformers reviews, you know that I feel the instruction manuals are pretty much useless.  But, back in the eighties, the manuals were a lot more pleasing to the eye.  Check this out.

I got this in a trade a couple of months ago, from Brian over at Cool and Collected.  I love Transformers, but I wanted this booklet for a more sentimental reason.  Megatron was my first ever Transformer.  Actually, my younger brother and I both received our own Megatrons on Christmas eve of  ’84 or ’85.  It’ll be a while before I’m able to score the figure on the secondary market(complete versions sell for $80+), but this is pretty cool for now.

Oh!  One other thing.  These old manuals use diagrams from the figures themselves, and look to be somewhat informative to the transformation process.

5 Responses to “Random Quickie #5 – 1984 G1 Megatron Instruction Manual”

  1. I love the 84 & 85 manuals since they were in color. I could transform the old G1 toys all day without looking at them, but now? Shoot I have to make sure I file all of the instructions so they are handy if I want to “play” with Transformers!

  2. jboypacman Says:

    Those old manuals were so much better than the ones we have now which i agree with are pretty much useless now.

  3. Good observation. The older manuals visually look better than the current black and white versions. The use of images from the actual toy translate better then B&W diagrams. It’s also good that they’re in full colour.

  4. […] Random Quickie #5 ? 1984 G1 Megatron Instruction Manual … […]

  5. […] Random Quickie #5 ? 1984 G1 Megatron Instruction Manual … […]

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